PXG Golf: 0317 ST Irons

The new 0317 ST irons from PXG Golf features striking looks and promises skilled golfers complete control over every shot.

ORLANDO, Florida – PXG Golf has produced new irons for professionals and plus handicap amateurs. The 0317 STs are a blended set, i.e., muscle-back in the higher lofts and cavity-back in the low lofts.


  • Professional and better-player category
  • Forged carbon steel
  • Adjustable weight screw
  • Milled face and back
  • Finishes: chrome or Xtreme Dark
  • Stock shafts: four steel, two graphite
  • Stock grip: PXG Z5 Black
  • Lofts: 5-iron 26°, pitching wedge 47°
  • 3-iron through gap wedge available
  • Set of nine irons $1,431, individual irons $199 each


The 0317 ST irons from PXG feature triple forging of 8620 carbon steel which makes for a tight grain structure producing the feel in these very good-looking irons the best players such as touring professionals and elite amateurs require. The forging process is followed by CNC milling of the front and back then robotic polishing to ensure the best possible finish.

The whole idea behind these irons is about control of distance and trajectory at the highest level. The 5-iron through gap wedge are a muscle-back blade design while the 3- and 4-irons have a modest size cavity since even the best players can use some forgiveness with the lesser lofts. Four steel and four graphite shafts are offered as options at an upcharge as are nine optional grips with an upcharge.

Missing are the familiar weight screws PXG has been using along the trailing edge. They have been supplanted by a single larger screw that can be dialed in during fitting and as you have already figured out these must be professionally fitted should you feel the need to slide them into your bag’s slots.

Incidentally, the 0317 name comes from the Marine Corps designation for a Scout Sniper and ST comes from super tour.

“Our team has done their homework on these blades, taking feedback from our professional staff and college players to inform all aspects of the design,” said PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “From clubhead size, offset, and sole design to a flighted trajectory.”

On the web: PXG.com

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