Blue Tees Golf Ringer GPS

The Blue Tees Golf Ringer features golf GPS handheld, touch screen display, water resistant golf distance range finder with 40,000+ preloaded courses, 10+ hours battery life and built-in magnetic strip that retails for $199.

The Blue Tees Golf Ringer is a convenient handheld size GPS with 40,000 courses preloaded, a magnet for attaching to a cart and touch screen display.


Handheld golf GPS

40,000 course preloaded

Driving distance

Green view

Green distances front, back, center

Hazard display

Shot tracking


Music controller Player+ app optional

Colors: black or navy



Blue Tees Golf makes several well thought of laser rangefinders and the new Ringer GPS Handheld nicely compliments them for those partial to GPS.

The built-in magnet, ideal for a cart roof strut, means keeping the Ringer in your pocket or hand is unnecessary and with the display brightness being adjustable, it is easy to read even in the sun. Should it be carried in a pocket as when walking and carrying a bag there’s one-tap Auto Lock to lock and unlock the screen.

Thoughtful touches such as keeping score, advancing to the next hole and shot tracking are simple taps on the screen. Up to four distances to hazards are automatically shown. Blue Tees also offers a Game app for tracking scores and shot statistics.

Sean Foley, one of the best-known golf instructors, has recently signed an endorsement contract with Blue Tees to promote the Ringer.

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