Callaway Launches Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max Driver

Callaway new Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max driver retails for $599.

Callaway Golf has expanded the Paradym Ai Smoke family with the Triple Diamond MAX Driver, a 460cc clubhead model, which the company says has better workability.


Better player category

460cc clubhead

Ai-designed Smart face

Two sole weights, 10g rear & 4g front

Lofts: 9°, 10.5°

Stock shaft: Denali Project X Blue

Price: $599.99


The low-spin Triple Diamond driver has been a favorite of touring professionals for the past several years and was used by Xander Schauffele for his win last week in the PGA Championship. The new Triple Diamond MAX, however, is turning heads on practice tees and has found its way into some Callaway staff players’ bags already.

An addition to the Ai Smoke family (MAX, MAX D, MAX Fast and Triple Diamond) the new MAX compared to the regular Triple Diamond has a clubhead of 460cc versus 450cc plus the MAX provides less dispersion and is more forgiving. The club’s workability that better players prefer has been increased by adding slightly more spin to the Ai-designed face which has less face progression than the regular Triple Diamond.

To help with precisely adjusting the center of gravity location to that desired by the user there are two sole weights, a 10-gram rear and 4-gram front, which may be switched to increase ball speed and lower spin.

The Ai Smart Face that was designed with data from thousands of real players allows for micro deflections at impact to give the best launch possible when the ball strike is not in the exact center. Callaway says the “result is sweet spots not just in the center, but all over the face.”

The clubhead’s body has been tweaked to refine the weight distribution and the internal titanium supports have been reduced in weight by 15% to improve weight redistribution.

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