ING Awards Knuth Golf’s High Heat as “Best Product”

For the second consecutive year, the International Network of Golf Spring Conference recognized Knuth Golf in its Best Product awards program.

Knuth Golf’s High Heat fairway metalwoods were selected as co-winner (with The Oska Pulse, a pain relief device) of the Conference Best Product award by attendees of the 27th Annual ING Spring Conference in late May at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, FL.

The High Heat driver won this award at the 2016 ING Spring Conference.


The award is just the latest in a long list for the High Heat family of metalwoods. Former USGA Senior Director Dean Knuth designed the High Heat clubs with performance needs of amateurs in mind, instead of the Tour pro.

Knuth was the only club designer named on the “Top Innovators In Player Development” list by Golf Inc. Magazine in 2016. The magazine mentioned that the deeper and lower center of gravity combine to make High Heat clubs easier to hit, longer, straighter and more forgiving, especially for amateurs who don’t always hit on or near the center of the clubface.

Titanium Face

What also differentiates High Heat’s fairway woods and hybrids from the competition are the titanium faces.

Knuth Golf is the only company that uses titanium faces for metalwoods, which generate more ball speed and lower spin. This provides greater distance and forgiveness compared to the steel faces used by all other major companies. The result is more greens in regulation and lower scores.

High Heat’s titanium faces have continuously been included in positive reviews by media across the golf landscape.

“High Heat performs as advertised, and with having titanium faces in its fairway woods and hybrids Knuth Golf has solidified High Heat as the leading brand in properly addressing the hitting needs of the amateur golfer,” said GolfTalk Live host, Tony Leodora.

Tim Branco, publisher of New England Golf Monthly Magazine, said, “The Lexus of Amateur Clubs does it again with their new High Heat fairway woods and hybrids. They offer amateurs better playability and are game-changers like the High Heat driver, 3-Wood and 3-Hybrid. They use the same innovative designs and technology and they are much easier to get up in the air than other brands. With a beta titanium face instead of steel faces, they provide extra distance, especially on off-center hits and made me feel like the entire face is a sweet spot.”

Renowned golf writer and president of the Golf Writers Association of America Gary Van Sickle wrote a review in Golfing Magazine titled “High Heat 3 Wood Is The Greatest 3 Wood Ever Made.”

Van Sickle said the High Heat 3 wood is “as easy to get the ball as high as a 5 wood and it is as long as a 2 wood.” He ended the article by saying “My High Heat 3-wood analysis in a nutshell: I’m a believer.”

Knuth, inventor of the USGA Course Rating and Slope System, has been very appreciative of the support his clubs have received, but not surprised. His clubs are the result of years of research on the performance of amateur golfers.

“Thanks again to ING attendees for recognizing the performance advantages of our High Heat clubs,” said Knuth. “The massive sweet spot in my fairway woods and hybrids affords amateur golfers optimum performance. With our deep and low CG, they are designed so the amateur golfer gets the ball easily in the air. But our titanium faces are critical to provide amateurs with the forgiveness they need on off-center hits so they obtain more greens in regulation and lower scores.”

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