Stocking Stuffer: New Rules of Golf Guide

All the new rules of golf are explained in easy-to-understand language in “Golf Rules Quick Reference” which is a practical and useful Christmas gift for $14.95.

BOSTON, Mass – In 2019, the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 years came into effect.

The USGA and R & A introduced several revolutionary changes, such as dropping from knee height, a reduction of the search time to three minutes and the option of leaving the flag in the hole when putting.

But have the numerous changes really resulted in the predicted improvements?

“The new rules have been very well-received and have really made the game quicker,” said world renown rules official and author Yves C. Ton. “Also, thanks to various simplifications, golf has become significantly less complicated, thus making it easier for those new to the sport. On the whole, the revision can be viewed as a success.”

Even though experienced golfers needed time to learn and adjust to the numerous changes, everyone has benefited from them at the end of the day.

As of 2019, the ball is dropped from knee height and with a copy of the “Golf Rules Quick Reference” and “iGolfrules”, golfers have an easy-to-understand reference that they can take with them on the course.

The new rules are less prohibitive and there are more relief procedures that allow players to benefit more. Therefore, a good understanding of the rules now pays off more than ever before.

Golfers who have not yet internalized all the changes can use the winter off-season to get up to speed.

The “Golf Rules Quick Reference” pocket guide is the perfect choice and is also a useful and practical gift to put under the Christmas tree for $14.95.

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