“Match for the Ages” would feature best 12 players PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf

Two of the four "Florida Swing" events had plenty of star-power due to the $20 million purses but two had decreased fan attendance and dismal TV ratings.

ORLANDO, Florida – As the new “signature” event of only 69 players and 72 holes Arnold Palmer Invitational tees off this week at Bay Hill Club & Lodge, the 2024 PGA Tour season seems to have lost it ‘mojo‘ and trending on a downward spiral, possibly in self-destruction mode, as well as losing its prestigious reputation in the world of golf across the globe. Let me call this as I see it, not the way the mainstream media and the powers-to-be want us to see it.

This is not your grandfather’s PGA Tour anymore. Not even close!

It’s easy to blame the LIV Golf League for this mess. It’s not the loss of some of the PGA TOUR’s best young players, whose decisions as “free agents” was to upgrade their financial wellbeing and futures, but the inability of the PGA TOUR and its leadership, particularly Jay Monahan, to understand that “money talks and players will walk.”

The traditionalist will forever blame The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia that has presented itself as “an opportunity to reinvigorate golf” through rich paydays, star players, team competition and slick marketing.

Dustin Johnson was the first marquee player to sign with LIV Golf for a reported $200 million.

The concept from the beginning was to let the PGA Tour and the rest of the golfing world know that the monopoly was over, and that “free enterprise” was about to change the face of professional golf forever.

The non traditionalist sees this as the beginning of a fair and equal competition to change forever the face of professional golf by making it an international sport the way it was always meant to be. It’s certainly not the first sport that has suffered through the financial burdens of international competition and it won’t be the last.

The PGA TOUR should look at how they want to address the numerous issues that have come from their attempt to build a mini-LIV format that they now call “Signature Events“. This new PGA Tour model sure look a lot like the LIV Golf model. So, what’s up with that?

The eight (8) events are predominantly built on last years top 50 FedExCup finishers, along with the 2024 tournament winners. It also includes Aon Next 10 and Aon Swing 5 which are new eligibility paths to ensure the Signature Events have the needed number of participants.

Golf writer Bill Sangster is among the first golf media to call for an all-out 12 man battle featuring the 12 best LIV Golf vs. the 12 best PGA Tour.

One current problem, that seems to be raising its ugly head this year, is the failure of the PGA Tour’s top golfers, who mostly all participate in the Signature Events, are not participating in a number of weekly tournaments leaving disappointed fans in their wake. Let’s take a look at why.


To put money in perspective, Arnold Palmer over his professional career from 1955 – 2011 had PGA Tour total earnings of $2,130,239, although he parlayed his golf fame into the third highest earner in sports history earning roughly $885 million according to Sportico.

Would anyone like to guess why some of these guys don’t play every weekend?

If you really take a good look at these number that include lots of zeros going into player bank accounts, you will see a large number of players on top of the FedexCup standings who really don’t need to spend their weekends playing in tournaments except the big money events. The numbers used here show top 8 but there are a number of top 50 who make even more money than some of the ones listed.

Arnold Palmer watches the golf from the 18th hole during the first round of the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by Mastercard at Bay Hill Golf Club on March 21, 2013 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by David Cannon via Getty Images)

Now, the PGA TOUR is shamelessly singling out its top players and giving them special treatment providing more opportunities than the majority of its membership to make even more money with the benefit of with added free time. Again, this model closely resembles LIV Golf.

With little transparency or media scrutiny, the PGA Tour looks like they’re going to create a closed group of players to start playing in International Team competition. Definitely has LIV Golf sounding ingredients all over it.

From a golf media perspective this whole debate has been great but I truly believe what the fans & golf media and golf world wants to see is a “Match for the Ages” pitting the best 12 PGA Tour players vs. the best LIV Golf players. Let’s get in on!


Bill Sangster, a life-long golf aficionado and former Sergeant in Marines, moved to Cape Cod in 1974 where he raised his family while working as educator with the Sandwich School System for 23 years. With his Falmouth home adjacent to Paul Harney’s Golf Course, Bill spent many days learning and playing the game of golf. He was a member of White Cliffs Country Club and Sandwich Hollows Country on Cape Cod. In 2018 he continued his love for the game of golf by moving to “The Villages” in Florida. He now will admit to anyone who asks that he is addicted to the game of golf! Bill can be reached at sangsterbill33@gmail.com.

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