Female Golf Fan “Flashes” Top Players at Phoenix Open

A few of the top PGA Tour players were distracted by a mystery female fan who "flashed" her rather well-endowed chest at them while putting only a few feet away on the 16th green at TPC Scottsdale in the final round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open February 2.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – A busty female golf fan distracted PGA Tour golfers while putting on the 16th green at TPC Scottsdale during the final round February 2 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open by “flashing” her breasts from the stands.

By now you’ve heard that the par 3 16th hole is raucous and rowdy and that most of the 17,000 spectators, seated in amphitheater grandstands, are enjoying alcoholic beverages all-day long. So it’s no surprise that excessive drinking usually produces some unflattering, humiliating and unique sights.

Also, what you won’t hear CBS television anchors Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo talk about is the rather bold display of “flashing” that goes on from inebriated college girls that adds to the specter, aura and horror of the event.

The players are supposed to be the center of attention but a mystery woman pulled down her neon green shirt to distract the players putting on the 16th green.

After viewing video clips and photos, it’s apparent that the well-endowed chest of the mystery female golf fan delighted the watching crowd by flashing and exposing her chest to world’s top golfer’s as they prepared to putt.

Her wild antics were greeted by huge applause, while two players were forced to temporarily halt with one spectator heard yelling: “He’s dying, he’s dying. He is supposed to putt.”

The video – which has gone viral on social media – then pans around the golfers before the fan pulls down her top once more.

The spectator adds of the bemused golfers: “No wonder he missed the putt.”

A busty female golf fan at the Waste Management Phoenix Open did her best to distract players when putting by flashing her breasts from the stands, which by-the-way you didn’t see on CBS TV.

The busty babe’s antics drew wide coverage and response on social media channels, with some joking that the stunt was simply harmless fun while others were less thrilled.

One quipped, “Are they playing for the Ry-DD-er Cup?”

Twitter user Antonella said: “OMG I need to do this at golf events!”

But Art Vandelay argued on Twitter: “No place on the golf course for that type of behavior.”

She will forever be known as “the girl in the neon green” based on her “flashing” the world’s top pros at TPC Scottsdale’s 16th green.

The sideshow on No. 16 green wasn’t enough to distract Webb Simpson from closing with two birdies on the final three holes to force a playoff with Tony Finau, where he eventually won on the first hole. Simpson earned $1.3 million first prize for his effort.


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