Zoriz Golf Sandals: “Grip It and Flip it”

Zoriz Golf Sandals are manufactured by Zoriz featuring a unique golf sandal engineered specifically for the golf swing and the brand has been expanding rapidly to golfers with its caughty logo: "Grip it and Flip it."

NASHUA, New Hampshire – There are different ways to enjoy the game of golf. Playing in a league, local charity tournament, or just out with some friends on the weekend. And likewise, there are different ways to make your time on the course that much more enjoyable. Maybe you like some music in the background, a healthy supply of snacks in the cart, or a cooler full of cold ones.

Those are all great ways to enhance your day on the links, but I recently found something that tops them all…or should I say flops them all!

What began as the brainchild of a week-long golf bender in Florida has grown into the best thing you can do for your feet while out on the golf course! Zoriz Golf Sandals has grown from a fun idea of switching up your shoes for an afternoon 18 to the #1 company when it comes to alternative fairway footwear. Before you ask the obvious question of “How do you golf in sandals?” let me ask you a question. What type of golfer are you?

If you are the golfer that gets up and has a target score in mind for the day, if you are looking to shave a few points off your GHIN this summer, or if you typically spend your Friday nights practicing putting in your living room, then you may not be interested in golfing in sandals. If you are like me, and you just love to play the game and have fun doing it, and you wear sandals in the summer, then this is the golf shoe for you! I must admit, I was a bit skeptical the first time I put on a pair of flip flops before my tee time. Of course, they have cleats on the soles, but seriously, golfing in flip flops?

Zoriz Golf sandals have patented features engineered specifically for the golf swing that retail under $60.

Well, by the time I got to the 2nd tee box, I knew that I would be wearing my Zoriz for every round this year! Not only did these flops feel great, but they held to my feet and offered the same performance of a typical, traditional golf shoe. With the comfortable and relaxed feel of flip flops, Zoriz forces you into a mellow mood similar to strolling the seaside at sunset. Everyone knows that you need to be relaxed to play better golf right?

Speaking of playing better golf, what comes to mind when you hear “Grip it and rip it”? Swinging out of your shoes trying to pound a drive further than you ever have before? Well, you are certainly not alone there! Too many times that thought has crept into my head as I approach the tee box. I am sure you can guess what follows…a rocketing power-slice that finds the woods like a heat-seeking missile! The obvious key to fixing this is to simply slow down your swing tempo.

One great side effect of wearing Zoriz flip flops is that you subconsciously slow down your tempo, thus producing a better swing, producing to a better strike on the ball, producing a much better shot. Like their slogan says: “Grip it and flip it.”

Zoriz1 (1)
One great side effect of wearing Zoriz flip flops while golfing is that you subconsciously slow down your tempo, thus producing a better swing, producing to a better strike on the ball, producing a much better shot.

So maybe you are that golfer that is working on his score so hard that he practices his swing while waiting in the Walmart checkout line. Zoriz Golf Sandals can help you lower those numbers on your scorecard! If you are weekend warrior or an after-work league player, Zoriz will have everyone talking about what is on your feet, and who doesn’t love showing off their new golf accessories? If you are someone who prefers a nice, relaxed, care-free round of golf, Zoriz will make every round you play more enjoyable! And if you are someone like me who wears sandals or flip flops from the first day of Spring until first snowfall, then Zoriz is the perfect golf shoe for you!

Whatever type of golfer you are, before you make your next tee time, go to www.Zoriz.com and get yourself a pair of golf sandals for under $60! Now grab your clubs, head to the course, and get ready to “Grip It And Flip It”!


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