Wilson Staff Model Blades and CB Irons

Wilson Staff Model Blade and Staff Model CB is designed for the golfer who puts a premium on precision, workability, consistency and clean aesthetics.

ORLANDO, Florida – Wilson Staff is an iconic brand and for 2024 they have introduced new versions of the Staff Model Blade and Staff Model CB irons for better players.


Better player category

Forged 8620 carbon steel

Mille face

Toe weighted

Lighter weight hosel

Stock shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid

Stock grip: Golf Pride Z

Price: set 4-iron through pitching wedge $1,199.99

Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

Milled cavity back

Wilson Staff Model Blade Irons

Staff irons, as Wilson will remind you, has won more major championships than any other brand and have now redesigned the cavity back CB and Blade models. The two were engineered at the same time so they share a common look at address, lofts and performance so a mixed set is a simple matter.

Presumably since the CBs with the cavity back are more forgiving they would be the lower lofts and the Blades the higher lofts.

“Throughout the development process, we engaged our Wilson Advisory Staff across the TOUR so that we could deliver irons that will make them better shot shapers,” said Bob Thurman, Global General Manager of Golf and Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson. “Three-time major winner Padraig Harrington is a prime example as he put the new Staff Model CB irons in play for the first time at the TimberTech Championship this past November and won by a compelling seven shots.”

An interesting possibility for fitting the new Staff Models would be to make use of Wilson’s new fitting technology called Wilson Fit AI. The company says by using their proprietary artificial intelligence software a custom-iron recommendation is made often in as few as five swings.

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