V1 Sports Partners with Foresight Sports

V1 Sports (V1), founded in 1995, is a leader in swing and motion analysis software for golf and baseball, including V1 coaching software and apps to deliver top instruction by connecting coaches and athletes to improve performance.

BOSTON, Mass – V1 Sports (V1) producer of the industry-leading golf swing analysis software and apps for teaching pros and golfers, is proud to announce a partnership with San Diego-based Foresight Sports, creators of the industry’s most trusted launch monitor technologies, to integrate data from Foresight Sports’ “Game Changer” launch monitors into the V1 Pro interface. By combining detailed, real-time launch monitor data with V1 Pro video feedback, golf instructors can now factor in Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Push/Pull, Back Spin and Side Spin as they determine how to help their students improve.

“We’re excited to work with technology leader Foresight Sports’ to integrate their rapid and robust launch monitor data into the V1 feedback loop. Marrying accurate swing data with state-of-the-art video capture allows an instructor to see all the fine details video provides along with the DNA-level facts on every swing. This is another way that V1 is helping instructors yield better golf lessons and faster game improvement,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty.

V1, who recently saw users surpass the four-million mark in online lessons earlier this year, has made significant upgrades to it V1 Pro software and mobile platforms, including a sleek, efficient user interface, dynamic integration of V1 Pressure Mat data and the ability to record real-time tips and drill videos with audio using their live cameras and microphone.

Meanwhile, Foresight Sports’ has made a huge impression on the golf industry with its Infrared photometric (camera-based) GCQuad model, which boasts automated ultra-high-speed Quadrascopic cameras that provide exceptional accuracy and insight on every swing captured. The GCQuad offers no fewer than 13 club and ball data points, from azimuth and spin-tilt axis to angle of attack, impact location and closure rate. Equipped with an infrared light source array, built-in barometer, and self-leveling system makes it simple to pick up and play in any conditions with no calibration required.

“Instant video feedback from the V1 Pro system paired with accurate data from our Foresight Sports launch monitors can greatly accelerate golfers’ improvement and the depth of understanding shared between golf instructors and their students,” says Rick Cuellar, director of sales for Foresight Sports. “By combining V1 Pro video technology and the expertise of the instructor to diagnose a student’s swing issues with launch monitor data that precisely characterizes why and how a golfer produces certain shot patterns, you have a sort of double validation of how the golfer needs to improve. Setting goals and benchmarks is much easier with this integration because the data explains the shot shapes and misses so well.”

Instructors who already use both technologies will be able to take advantage of the Foresight integration into V1 Pro software today by contacting sales@v1sports.com. Others interested in taking advantage of this powerful partnership can learn more at https://v1sports.com/coaches/v1-pro.



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