‘Towel Tag’ is an amazing product

'Towel Tag' is designed to temporarily secure your golf towel without the use of hooks and you can create personalized engravings ands logos.

BOSTON – Attention golf enthusiasts. Every year we are bombarded with gizmos, products and gadgets that we have no use for.

Well here’s a new product called ‘Towel Tag’ that grabbed my attention and it’s something you might consider for under $15.

The innovative Towel Tag utilizes “Pull-Thru Technology” designed to temporarily secure your golf towel without the use of grommets or hooks. Each tag is manufactured using two separate compounds to create a functional bag tag with durability.

They are ideal for temporary storage of golf towels, head covers, rain gear, outdoor and layered clothing. ‘Towel Tag uses the latest printing technology to create a customized Towel Tag suited for every golfer, team, organization, or golf event.

‘Towel Tag’ is an amazing and useful product available in 10 different colors for under $15.

“For me, creating the Towel Tag arose out of my frustration to access my golf towel during a round of play,” said Craig Holub, Founder and President of Towel Tag. “Specifically, there wasn’t a simple way to temporarily secure your golf towel and to quickly release it and take my towel with me to the green from the golf bag or golf cart.”

Prior to the Towel Tag, most golf towels were secured to the golf bag by means of a standard hook like those used on a shower curtain. This traditional attachment made it difficult to easily release the towel when walking to the green to spot, lift and clean their golf ball, before lining up your putt.

“I decided to combine the simple features of the traditional bag tag and an accessible towel holder,” said Holub, “and then we figured out a way to personalize it and make it unique for the golfer and unlike anything else currently available on the market.”


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