Tour Edge “Hot Launch” 523 Series

Tour Edge: The new Hot Launch 523 Series.

ORLANDO, Florida – Tour Edge has announced the seventh version to the Hot Launch family in two flavors, the game-improvement C523 and super game-improvement E523 models at golfer-friendly prices while stressing custom-fitting by authorized retailers.


  • C523 Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids
  • Full length sole rail
  • Rear sole weight
  • Increased size sole channel behind face
  • 360° variable thickness face cup
  • Stock shaft: UST Mamiya HL-SST 45-60 grams
  • Driver $269.99, Fairway wood $169.99, Hybrid $149.99


  • Vibrcor TPU in undercut pocket
  • Compact head thinner topline higher toe
  • Wide sole
  • Toe weighted
  • Stronger lofts
  • Stock shaft: UST Mamiya HL-SST 45-60 grams, True Temper XP-85
  • $79.99 per iron

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  • E523 Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids
  • Houdini sole weighting rear & leading edges
  • Ridgeback crown design
  • Variable thickness face
  • Anti-slice heel weighting offset head
  • Sole channel behind face
  • Stock shaft: UST Mamiya HL-SST 45-60 grams
  • Driver $269.99, Fairway wood $169.99, Hybrid $149.99


  • Hollow head perimeter weighted
  • Low drag sole
  • Concave cavity back
  • Anti-slice offset
  • Stock shaft: UST Mamiya HL-SST 45-60 grams, True Temper XP-85
  • $99.00 per iron

WYNTK: Tour Edge “Hot Launch” 523 Series

Tour Edge: The new Hot Launch 523 Series.

As they did last year with the Hot Launch 522 series Tour Edge Golf is offering C and E versions of the new 523 series designed for the needs of recreational players at two skill levels. The Hot Launch E523 is for slower swing speed golfers who can use the forgiveness of a super game-improvement design and the C523 is targeted at those needing a game-improvement club.

At pricing somewhat higher than the 522s – $20 more for the driver, $10 for the fairway woods and hybrids. Tour Edge continues to offer 48-hour shipping on any custom order placed with any of their 1,000 authorized fitters.

The E523s also have some features similar to the company’s premium Exotics line, specifically the Ridgeback carbon fiber crown construction and the Houdini sole configuration.

“One of the biggest reasons Hot Launch has been such a successful endeavor for us has been our ability to simplify and take custom fitting to the mainstream,” said David Glod, Tour Edge founder and president. “Hot Launch custom fitting has increased 700% over the years and I feel we have created a space that did not exist before for budget-minded golfers to consider the custom fit process.”

“With Hot Launch, our goal is to bring as many performance benefits as we can to the budget minded golfer, and to add in the custom fitting element that matches the unprecedented demand the marketplace is experiencing for Game-Improvement clubs.”

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