Tour Edge Golf Launches Exotics EXS Pro Driver and EXS Pro Fairway Metal

Tour Edge Golf, one of the preeminent master club designers in golf club design and one of the Top-10 manufacturers worldwide in every club category, has introduced the new Exotics EXS Pro Driver, EXS Pro Fairway Metal and EXS Pro Hybrid.

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – Tour Edge Golf founder and master club designer David Glod continues to create some of the industry’s better drivers and metal woods. The company today unveiled its new limited-edition Exotics EXS Pro Driver, EXS Pro Fairway Metal and EXS Pro Hybrid.

The EXS Pro series was originally designed as prototypes only intended for professional tour players, but Glod said
feedback from the Tour Edge professional staff and other PGA Tour players helped create the new Exotics series that features new shapes, forward tour-level CG positioning and technology never-before employed by Tour Edge.

This EXS Pro series includes some carry-over tech from Tour Edge’s Exotics EXS 220 and EXS line of clubs that launched earlier this year.

The EXS Pro Driver ($399.99) features what Tour Edge says is a new adjustable sliding weight FlightTrack technology, Diamond Face and Sound Diffusion Bar innovations that helped the Exotics EXS 220 Driver become one of the most played new drivers on the 2020 PGA Tour Champions. The new FlightTrack weight system, according to the company, can be easily set to draw, straight and/or fade biased positions.

“At first, we were just designing prototypes for the pro tours, but along the way, we realized that the market has a need for these tour-inspired designs as a limited edition series,” Glod said. “With our previous Exotics launch, the EXS 220, we designed our most forgiving and stable clubs we’ve ever produced. The EXS Pro line is designed to bring the level up with the more traditional player with a faster swing speed who is looking for anti-left clubs with extremely low spin and penetrating ball flights.”

The EXS Pro series, available June 1, will range from $249.99 for the EXS Pro Hybrid, $299.99 for the EXS Pro Fairway Metals and $399.99 for the EXS Pro Driver.

“The fact is that these ultra-premium tour clubs have a price that is still well under that of the other clubs seen out on tour, and we have perfectly followed our niche of providing the best pound for pound performing and innovative clubs in their class,” Glod said.

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