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Holly Sonders, former Golf Channel and FOX Sports personality, has started a new career recently launching her website that features pay-for-play pornography.

Holly Sonders – ‘Golf’s Golden Girl’ – morphs into Internet pornography

BOSTON, Mass – If you haven’t heard the latest buzz in the golf world that doesn’t involve Tiger Woods, take a deep breath and brace yourself!

Ready? Set? Read.

Former Golf Channel personality Holly Sonders has officially gone off the deep end. Golf’s one-time ‘golden girl’ is now an Internet porn star.

When she was a regular contributor to the highly-watched ‘Morning Drive” show on Golf Channel from 2011 -2015, one word never used to describe her career then was “talent.” Viewers were more impressed with her flamboyant outfits and her curvy, hard body.

In 2018, Holly Sonders was bounced from FOX Sports’ coverage of its annual U.S. Open broadcast, along with the other USGA championships, due to controversy surrounding her flamboyant wardrobe and lack of reporting talent.

Can we all agree Holly Sonders was a ‘knockout’ when on camera. She has sex-appeal. Correction, Sonders has tremendous sex-appeal. Think Bo Derek “10” superiority.

Frankly, it didn’t matter what she mumbled about golf news, her bombshell presence on TV was jaw-dropping.

Sonders, would go on to become the network’s most popular personality. Her bubbly persona, quick wit, and all-American girl looks, was a winning formula for the 2009 Michigan State grad.

In 2015, she moved to FOX Sports (based in Los Angeles/Hollywood), and viewers noticed Sonders with a more enhanced chest, not that it was ever small. She was eventually banned from U.S. Open coverage for her appearance and revealing outfits. Seemed she always tried to showcase her attractive and fit body rather than be a sports reporter. Eventually she morphed into that of a plastic porn star.

So, what does Holly Sonders, the definition of a female sports media fraud do when her fledging career is a complete failure?

At Golf Channel, Holly Sonders became a star, most notably for her work on Morning Drive, Golf School and while serving as an on-course reporter during tournaments, parlaying that along with a vibrant personality and eye-catching looks to become a major force at the network.

She turns to pornography. Her new website has struck gold and her Instagram account shows about 500,000 followers with racy photos everywhere.

FOX TV gave her the boot and she spent a turbulent 2019 getting enhancements, tucks and other plastic surgery.

Today, 34-year old Holly Sonders is back with a new career. Nearly unrecognizable, and with a very different, seductive Internet profile.

The one-time U.S. Open golf host has launched her very own porn site Holly Sonders dot com. In what appears to be a takeoff of the OnlyFans business model, Sonders poses nude and performs X-rated (and triple x) video acts – otherwise known as porn, and sells this content to her fans – who pay anywhere from $10 for a photo to $50 for a video.

According to recent data, 4 percent of all websites are X-rated and 10 to 15 percent of searches are for porn. The highest percentage of U.S. adults who watch porn weekly is between ages 18-35. Forbes magazine estimates the Internet pornography business at $3 billion annually.

How easy is it to make money in pornography on the Internet?

This photo is downloaded from Holly Sonders Instagram account which is loaded with racy photos and totals about 500,00 followers.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, a stripper named Danni Ashe read a book on HTML programming and launched her own fan website. She started charging $15 a month for access, and before long, Ashe was making $2.5 million a year, reportedly using the bandwidth with great success in Central America.

In one eye-opening photo set, Sonders is seen sucking on a banana, and then engaging in repulsive, degrading and utterly disgraceful activities.

One promo ad from Sonders reads: “Lounging in a teeny lace bra, thong and fishnet leggings (fire emoji) Want to join me? LOL.”

She added in another, “Explicit SELFIES in bed BARE and SMOOTH and eXXXtra PERKY (fire emoji) in FULLY UNCENSORED and extremely PRIVATE NAUGHTY selfies.”

One of those “FULLY UNCENSORED” and “explicit” photos was even posted to her half a million followers on IG, when she (mistakenly?) uploaded the x-rated version meant for her porn site.

It was a photo of a seductive Holly on the tennis court with her legs spread wide open, fully exposed.

Sonders quickly deleted it after realizing it should’ve been cropped to  tease on IG.

Here’s what the updated pic looks like:


Seems the sad moral to the story is when her sports media career hit turbulence, Holly Sonders has leveraged the assets that made her a TV star in the first place.

And it’s making her very, very rich!

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