The Villages: “Swing, Smile & Don’t Keep Score”

The Villages is a collection of quaint retirement neighborhoods located in the heart of Florida unique in its charm and personality and connected in ways where all the lifestyle to enjoy is a golf car ride away.


THE VILLAGES, Florida – Have you ever wondered what golfing paradise looks like? Lush, green fairways off every street corner, easily accessible golf courses and tee times, with a diverse selection to peak the interest of every skill level. Sounds too good to be true, right? The Villages in central Florida is just that; a 55-plus community of enthusiastic golfers with “go-getter” personalities. And better yet, there’s more there than just golf.

A “Pinseeking” Location

Located seven miles off the Wildwood exit on I-75, The Villages, Florida’s “Malcolm in the Middle”. The larger tourist cities like Orlando, Tampa, and Gainesville are all within an hour and a half drive in each direction, giving the residents access to multiple airports and the ability to take day-trips into the city, or to surrounding state parks, aquariums, or a and local museums.

To golf or not to golf what a silly question.

“Swing, Smile, and Don’t Keep Score”

The main attraction for the 150,000 residents, and counting, is ahem you guessed it, GOLF! The opportunities to golf in The Villages are astronomical. There are ten 27-hole championship courses, three 18-hole courses with another one under construction, and a whopping 42 nine-hole executive par 3 three courses that weave their way through the various Florida landscapes. The executive courses have four different levels, ranging from beginner to expert, to accommodate players of all skill levels. And if you are not in the mood for a full round, there are three 18-hole pitch & putts that are free to all residents at any time. It is safe to say there is plenty to choose from when you want to hit the links.

“Drive the Green”

Along the side of the road, through the town squares, and to your favorite restaurant! Perhaps the most unique convenience in The Villages are the personalized golf carts and paths that branch out to every corner of the community. No car is necessary to make it across town to your doctor’s appointment or grocery store, and each cart is completely customizable.

Baby Boomers have taken a liking to Pickleball making it one of America’s fastest growing hobbies.

“Interlocking Grip”

The community here isn’t a ten-finger squeeze of death or an overlapping choke-hold, but a tension-free collection of avid golfers and seniors who enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether you are paired up with other Villagers for a tee-time or enjoying the sun by one of the many community pools, there is always someone genuinely interested in striking up a conversation and learning about where you are from and how you found yourself to be at The Villages.

“Arsenal of Shots”

Though golf is the bread n’ butter of The Villages, it is not the only shot they have in the bag. With 115 recreation centers scattered throughout the community, it is tough to say “I’m bored.” If golf is not your thing, The Villages offers a multitude of activities that include pickleball, tennis, bocce ball, bowling, and shuffleboard; just to name a few.

Cardio Drumming classes are about 90% women and a great place for available men to meet available women.

“Knee-Knocking” Events

Do you ever have the itch to just bust a move? One of the many entertainment productions include nightly concerts at the Village Squares. There are three different squares with separate themes, all of which are open to the public. Learn the “salsa” in the reminiscent Spanish Springs Town Square, have a cocktail by the water at the Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, or if you’re into cowboy hats and spurs you can line dance at the Western themed Brownwood Paddock Square. Each Square has surrounding restaurants and stores to simulate a perfect package of nightlife.

“Af-FORE-dable Living”

Walking down the 18th fairway of this article, perhaps the most important topic to be discussed is the cost of living. All residents pay the same monthly amenity fee of $195 which includes: free golf on all executive courses; swimming, pickleball, tennis, corn toss, and bocce; indoor and outdoor access to recreational facilities; parks, dog parks, fishing areas, and miles of nature trails; and 24 hour neighborhood surveillance watch. For more information on additional costs and types of homes you can purchase, visit their website at the Cost of Living in The Villages.

Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation at The Villages and there are thousands of snazzy-looking types.

So the next time you drive by the Wildwood exit on I-75, don’t miss the cut off! Drive the seven miles and check out The Villages today!

(Lewis Markham works in the golf industry and is also a freelance golf writer based out of New York. His email is

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