TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver

The new BRNR Mini Driver from TaylorMade Golf resembles the Burner™ drivers, with Movable Weight Technology to give players more forgiveness and increased distance.

Described as a throwback to 30 years ago, the TaylorMade BRNR Mini driver takes its look from the Ti Bubble 2 of the 1990s but combines that with the latest technology and an updating of the 2019 Mini Driver and the 300 Mini Driver of 2021.


  • Better-player category
  • 304 cc head
  • Changeable sole weights—stock 13g back, 15g front
  • Speed Pocket (sole slot)
  • Carbon fiber crown
  • K-Sole design
  • Twist Face
  • Adjustable hosel +/- 4°
  • Lofts” 11.5°, 13.5°
  • Stock shaft: UST Mamiya ProForce 65 Retro Burner Edition 65
  • Stock grip: SuperStroke S-Tech
  • $449.99

If you never have hit a so-called small head or mini driver, in the last few years only TaylorMade has had one on the market, you are in for a revealing experience. Off the tee it’s longer than a three-wood but doesn’t travel as far as your regular driver. But of course, that’s okay and as TaylorMade has found there are any number of better golfers that like the idea of a shorter shaft for added control from the tee combined with a lower loft than the normal fairway wood to bring that long par-5 into range.

At 304 cc the BRNR Mini clubhead is 100 cc larger than the usual three-wood and some 160 cc smaller than a driver. As important, at the 43 ¾ inches the shaft is more than an inch shorter than standard driver but three-quarters inch longer than a three-wood. Users will also appreciate that when hitting the BRNR Mini off the deck, the K-Sole construction allows the head to have the tendency to glide over the turf rather than digging in at impact.

“The BRNR Mini Driver is a modern interpretation of a classic driver, showcasing our long-standing heritage in the sport,” Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director of Product Creation, Metalwoods & Carbonwood. “While it has retro aesthetics, it’s no showpiece to hang in your office. It has the horsepower to attack golf courses and can be a major asset in the hands of the right golfer. We aimed to balance throwback elements with modern looks, technology and performance.”

On the web: TaylormadeGolf.com

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