Tagmarshal launches golf industry’s first Social Distancing Monitor

Tagmarshal, a golf course operations platform designed to enable clubs to provide better player experiences, improve efficiencies, drive revenue and cost savings, has launched the golf industry's first Social Distancing Monitor.

BOSTON, Mass – Tagmarshal, a global leader in golf course optimization and flow of play management, has introduced an innovative feature, the Social Distancing Monitor. This new feature was developed based on years of experience and insights with the release accelerated for the purpose of Social Distancing, due to the immediate need for player safety as a result of COVID-19.

Designed to allow golf courses to accurately and proactively manage group distancing and flow of play during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, Tagmarshal has made this tool available free of charge to all partners due to the timely need for player safety this season. The tool adds immediate value as most courses opening are operating with reduced resources, needing to do more, with less – while prioritizing player safety.

“The number one priority for golf course operators and PGA professionals is providing a safe playing environment. At the same time, operators this season have less staff and resources available. In an effort to support the industry in this challenging year, the Social Distancing Monitor will be provided immediately to Tagmarshal partners at no additional cost this season,” said Bodo Sieber, Co-Founder and CEO.

Tagmarshal, a worldwide leader in golf course intelligence, offers a mission statement to optimize the pace, profitability and enjoyment of golf by using data.

Learnings based on tracking over 10 million rounds of golf, as well as insights developed through working closely with several major tournaments, has guided the development of the Social Distancing Monitor. This practical tool will transform courses into safe spaces for players, as well as managing field flow effectively.

The data from the Social Distancing Monitor is tracked and recorded, so that courses can ensure compliance with Social Distancing requirements and also have a record, as proof of compliance, should this be needed as part of Health and Safety checks.

In the mid to long term, this feature will be used as a best in class gap time monitor to ensure the effective management of field flow. This means that with effective, tech-assisted management, courses do not need to increase their tee time intervals – and can avoid the loss of critical capacity and associated loss of revenue and green fees. The effectiveness of the Tagmarshal system is well known with operators routinely and safely adding capacity and revenue on days when it matters-all while optimizing staff efficiencies and management accuracy.

The Social Distancing Monitor is located on the Tagmarshal dashboard and allows operators to ensure there are safe social distances between each group of players. This may be monitored from a remote location such as the golf office or pro shop, as well as on-the-go on a mobile device, as the software dashboard provides full line of sight.

Tagmarshal has long been at the forefront of providing technology that uses data to manage field flow, improves decision-making, real time management and optimizes the on course player experience.

Tagmarshal has introduced a Social Distancing Monitor, which is a new tool that allows clubs to accurately and efficiently manage social distancing, keeping players safe at all times.

“Averting player bottlenecks and improving performance with actionable data are testaments to the effectiveness of Tagmarshal technology,” said Benjamin Hoffine, Westchester Country Club.

“The system’s actionable data allows our team to be accurate, pre-emptive and proactive in their operational and on course management,” noted John Wittemore of Advanced Golf Partners.

During this critical period, Tagmarshal has continued to offer a specially-designed Season Recovery Program with a six-months no-payment start enabling golf courses, whether private, daily-fee access, resort or municipal facilities, to benefit from the advantages of Tagmarshal’s on-course optimization system. This allows a course to do more, with less resources and touch points, by improving on-course efficiency, providing full oversight and reporting, and data driven management, that results in cost saving.

A trusted provider to the industry, Tagmarshal has integrations with all leading tee sheets and is in use by 30 of top 100 US clubs as well as over 250 middle of the road clubs, both private and $50 daily green fee facilities – who all aim to optimize for effective processes, increased revenue and savings as well as improved player experiences.


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