SuperSpeed Golf Training System

For under $200 superspeed swing sticks are weighted clubs that help you get loose and actually weigh the same as a standard golf club but the heads are specifically weighted, and with repeated practice swings it trains your muscles and brain with three 10-minute training sessions every week resulting in adding distance to your swing.

BOSTON, Mass – Modern professional golfers are powerful athletes, spending nearly as much time in the gym, developing strength and stamina, as they do on the range honing their swing. Players routinely hit drives over 300 yards and recreational golfers would like to know how to hit it more than 220 yards, the national average.

Amateurs try to copy PGA Tour stars, but lack two components: skill and clubhead speed. The average driver clubhead speed last season for players on the PGA Tour was about 114 miles per hour, but big hitters like Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Jon Rahm are routinely swinging in about 125 mph. That speed, combined with great technique, translates to monster drives.

So is there a secret sauce to boosting clubhead speed?

Ninety percent of golfers want to hit their drivers further and clubhead speed is the key so SuperSpeed Training System has developed a training aid that can permanently add yardage to your clubs.

There are dozens of golf companies that promise to help you improve your game, but unless you make the financial commitment and put together a plan to follow-through with practice, your game will remain stagnant.

Chances are good you can’t get to the gym and the practice range more than a few times per week. For that reason, to develop more clubhead speed, training aids like SuperSpeed Golf Training system can be a game-changer.

The combination of free how-to videos and the weighted shafts, which can safely be swung in your yard, in a garage or even indoors, can help any golfer develop more speed and a faster swing. With practice, you learn to utilize not only your arms but also your core, your hips and your lower body to create torque and power.

The proper training directly translates to faster clubhead speed with the driver and increased distance with your irons.

Now you have two choices. Do you want to read about training aids or do you want to develop a game improvement plan to get more distance?

Take option No. 2. Spend about $200 and try the SuperSpeed Golf Training System! It works!

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