Srixon Golf, along with Cleveland Golf, XXIO, and Dunlop Racket Sports are a family of global brands, have announced the new model of irons for 2023 called ZX Mk II.

ORLANDO, Florida – Srixon Golf has announced three new iron models in the ZX line designated with the ZX Mk II name including a forged model, the ZX7 Mk II.


Tour V.T. Sole

Progressive width grooves

Stock shafts: Nippon N.S. Pro, KBS Tour Lite, USY Mamiya Recoil Dart

Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Set of seven irons: $1200 steel, $1300 graphite


Super game-improvement category

MainFrame variable thickness face

Standard lofts: 5-iron 23°, pitching wedge 43°


Game-improvement category

MainFrame variable thickness face

Standard lofts: 5-iron 24°, pitching wedge 44°

Screenshot 2023-01-17 140541


Better players category

Forged 1020 carbon steel head

PureFrame internal ridge

Stock lofts: 5-iron 25ׄ°, pitching wedge 46°

Taking what were often described as “very good-looking irons” up a notch the second generation ZX models retain the pleasing address view and forgiveness with improved the performance and versatility.

The MainFrame construction of the ZX4 and ZX5 Mk IIs is a pattern of hollowed out channels and cavities on the interior of the club face to increase the amount of face flex at impact which produces added ball speed and distance. This configuration increases the COR and relocates weight towards the sole and toe to lower the CG helping overall performance. ZX7 Mk IIs make use of the PureFrame design, a forged ridge in the interior of the head that is 80% thicker located behind the sweet spot. Both the feel and control are improved.

All the new models have Srixon’s Tour V.T. sole a V-shaped sole which makes for a cleaner impact even when impact is a little fat or when the lie is not the best. For those unfamiliar with the design of this sole grind there is more bounce on the front or leading edge and less on the rear trailing edge. Many players like this combination because it also helps with shot shape control.

“The technologies driving the exceptional performance of the ZX Mk II Irons are really exciting to launch and get into golfer’s hands,” said Brian Schielke, General Manager of Srixon. “Longer distances, improved feel, more control, and greater consistency are seen throughout each new iron set, and they provide a seamless transition for building a combo set.”

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