SKYiGOLF on a Mission to Change the Golf Landscape

Rich Smith, a PGA Pro & CEO of SKYiGOLF, is commited to making golf more fun, offering $10,000 for holes-in-one on designated holes at SKYiGOLF facilities while promoting a SKYiGOLF Global Golf Scramble in November, with a mission to help PGA professionals and golf course operators to increase their efficiency and revenues.

BOSTON, Mass – SKYiGOLF, which launched in October, is on a mission to boost the sagging golf industry. Built by PGA professionals for PGA professionals, SKYiGOLF is providing PGA pros and golf facility owners the tools and data intelligence to help boost their businesses, while at the same time introducing programs to help make the game more fun.

To make the game more exciting for golfers, SKYiGOLF is offering a $10,000 Hole-In-One opportunity on a par-3 hole at each of its facilities. If you make an ace, you’ll get a video keepsake as well as $10,000. Also SKYiGOLF is sponsoring a Global Scramble, with the finals to be staged in November. Another program allows players the chance to participate in Rewards and Sweepstakes programs as perks for frequent play, incentivizing golfers to get out and play more rounds.

The company launched in autumn and had a significant presence at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., in January. SKYiGOLF’s employers 18 Business Advocates who work in the field to meet with prospective partners across the country. They know the business and its many challenges well, since they all are PGA professionals. Since mid-March, with the golf season about to start, the company’s advocates have been meeting with pros and facilities, with partners beginning to sign on. By mid-summer, SKYiGOLF aims to have 70 golf clubs onboard.

SKYiGOLF is offering $10,000 for holes-in-one on designated holes at SKYiGOLF facilities, which should add to the “fun factor” of weekend “Nassau’s” at your local participating club.

“This is a group of like-minded professionals who share a passion for the game of golf and the industry we’ve been working in for decades,” said Rich Smith, PGA member, course owner and SKYiGOLF Chairman. “We set out to find solutions to make our industry and our game better, and to help it to thrive, so that future generations can enjoy this great sport.”

SKYiGOLF has partnered with foreUP, a leading industry tech company that provides cloud-based management software, helping a facility with point of sale, bookings, tee sheet reporting and analysis and inventory management that includes F&B capabilities. On-Pin is SKYiGOLF’s official GPS partner, providing real-time pace-of-play intelligence for cart riders and walkers utilizing its patented Verifeye system.

Smith founded SKYiGOLF after serving nearly a decade as CEO of the PGA’s North Florida Section. He loves the game and wants to help lift the industry, and for more than three years he has been trying to figure out the best method and tools to do it.

SKYiGOLF is based out of Port Charlotte, Fla., but has strong New England connections. Massachusetts-bred Bob Baldassari is SKYiGOLF’s CEO, having previously served as the PGA of America’s director of youth golf development. His father, Bob Sr., served many years as the head professional at Hillview Country Club in North Reading, Tara Colonial in Lynnfield and was a teaching professional at Paradise Golf Center in Middleton. Bob Baldassari Sr. passed away in 2016.

SKYiGOLF is a start-up golf company built by PGA Pros for PGA Pros, employing a nationwide staff of PGA Professionals that know the industry and its challenges.

In addition, Michael Packard, who previously worked for the Connecticut PGA Section, is SKYiGOLF’s Business Development Advocate for the Connecticut and New England Sections. And SKYiGOLF’s Chief Communications Officer, Jeff Babineau, grew up on Cape Cod, writing for the Cape Cod Times before embarking on a 30-year career covering golf, the last 19 spent at Golfweek magazine.

With a career spanning 30-years in New England golf, PGA member Ed Woronicz, who recently moved to Charlston, South Carolina also serves as a SKYiGOLF ambassador.

“I am truly excited to partner with facilities in my territory who are interested in joining SKYiGOLF’s crusade,” Packard said. “This is an opportunity to invigorate a golfer’s experience while growing the bottom line of the business so that all parties involved can move towards a stronger golf industry.”

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