Rogue ST MAX Irons from Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf began 2022 with a major announcement introducing the release of the new Rogue ST family of woods and irons.

ORLANDO, Florida – Callaway Golf is bringing out four new iron models in the Rogue ST MAX family: the regular MAX, MAX OS, MAX OS Lite and MAX Pro along with a new line of hybrids under the Rogue brand.


Rogue ST MAX game-improvement category

Rogue ST MAX OS super game-improvement category

Rogue ST MAX OS Lite super game-improvement women and seniors

Rogue ST MAX Pro better players

450-alloy A.I.-designed face cup

Tungsten weighting

Urethane microsphere-filled interior



MAX: 5-iron 21.5°, pitching wedge 41ׄ°

MAX OS: 5-iron 22.5°, pitching wedge 41ׄ°

MAX OS Lite: 5-iron 25°, pitching wedge 44ׄ°

MAX Pro: 5-iron 23.5°, pitching wedge 43ׄ°


MAX and MAX OS: True Temper Elevate MPH, Tensei AV Series Blue– MAX OS Lite: Project X Cypher Black– MAX Pro: Project X Rifle, Tensei AV Series White


MAX and MAX OS: Callaway Universal, MAX OS Lite: Winn Dri Tac 2.0, MAX Pro: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360


Rogue ST MAX & MAX OS–$999.99 steel, $1099.99 graphite

Rogue ST MAX OS Lite–$1,099 graphite only

Rogue ST MAX Pro–$1199 steel, $1299 graphite

Callaway, the largest iron manufacturer, has brought to market the new Rogue ST MAX line and according to the company is the result of upgrading existing technology from the Mavrik family plus adding features not seen before in any of their previous models.

The story begins with a high strength 450-alloy face cup configured using the results from their now familiar artificial intelligence supercomputer design process. Company tests show the new face provides more consistent ball speeds, impact to impact, with 13.2% less dispersion. Each face design is unique for each loft of each of the four models.

Weighting has been changed with the use of more tungsten near the sole matched up with the face to lower ball spin, improve trajectory, and add speed without making lofts stronger. Callaway points out in the MAX model the weighting is up to 260% more than the comparable Mavrik model and in the MAX Pro and MAX OS 188% more. Internally the head contains their patented urethane microspheres occupying more space than in previous irons. At impact the microspheres collapse upon themselves, and this means more effective vibration dampening plus a more solid feel.

The game-improvement MAX is the model best suited for most recreational players with lofts slightly weaker than the old Mavrik models from 2020. The MAX OS super game-improvement irons have a larger amount of offset and wider soles while the MAX OS Lite is for slower swing speed players such as seniors and women with lower swing weight and higher lofts for more carry. In the better-player category, the hollow body MAX Pro Callaway points out is almost a derivative of the popular Apex Pro 21 and the semi-muscle back head has a thin topline with little offset. Low handicappers still wanting some game-improvement help should try the MAX Pro.

Rogue ST MAX Hybrids have relatively tall face with squared off toe. The internal Jailbreak ST structure is new and has been moved away from face cup but positioned so it still provides stiffness to the head at impact. Tungsten is loaded into the toe area and balances the weight of hosel since hybrid hosels are comparatively long and thus weight more. The tungsten lowers the hybrid’s center of gravity compared to older Mavriks which had no such weighting. MAX, MAX OS and MAX OS Lite hybrids have an iron shape with comparatively stronger lofts while the MAX Pro is more of a fairway wood shape in a smaller head. Each carries a price of $279.99.

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