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Parsons Extreme Golf a/k/a PXG, a global sports equipment manufacturing company that designs, markets, and sells a line of custom fitted golf equipment products and accessories, mainly clubs established in 2014 by Bob Parsons, founder of web hosting service GoDaddy, now offers a new putter called "One and Done" retailing for $345.

ORLANDO, Florida – Parsons Extreme Golf’s (PXG’s) second putter in their Battle Ready Collection, the One & Done, is a mallet style with a milled head and wrap-around rear weight placement giving a high resistance to twisting at impact.

Fast Facts PXG One & Done:

Milled aircraft grade aluminum head

Tungsten wrap-around rear weight

Four interchangeable sole weight screws

Parallel lines and center disk alignment aids

Variable depth grooves

Four hosel options

Stock grips: PXG Sink Fit Pistol, PXG Sink Skinny

$345 on PXG website

Among other factors designing a putter with lots of stability at impact and a high MOI or resistance to twisting are crucial to performance. Add to that the amount of toe hang or tendency to close on the forward stroke and with the proper feel players will be able to find the putter that gives them the best results for their natural stroke.

In the One & Done PXG created a putter taking advantage of these concepts and more plus variable spaced face grooves, closer together in the center and father apart towards the toe and heel. to provide a consistent impact across the face.

An obvious feature is the dual alignment aids on the top, a golf ball sized disk and two high contrast lines straddling a single line. The multiple alignment aids are said by the company to help targeting every putt whether short or long.

“With alignment aids for putts at every distance and a deep CG position for outstanding stability, the new One & Done Putter is designed to help you seal the deal on the green,” PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons shared. “Drop it in with one stroke, and you’re done. The name says it all.”

PXG provides the One & Done with choice of four hosels—plumber’s neck, heel shafted, double bend, or armlock—and the head weight adjusted to fit the individual putting stroke and preference. The four sole weight screws provide a 70-gram weight range.


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