Precision Impact Golf Training Aide

Precision Impact golf training aide promises players to hit amazing, powerful shots by compressing the ball at impact to develop better feel and learn to repeat the sensation of crisp ball striking.

BOSTON – Ever watch closely a professional golfer take a swing? You’ll see a full body turn away from the ball and a complete follow-through with the hands cocked at the top then they release at the moment of impact which maximizes clubhead speed.

So when a great player like Jordon Spieth is hitting an iron you can hear a distinctive click, the pure sound of a perfectly hit golf ball that will soar into the sky. No flipping of the hands trying to power the ball airborne. How does the amateur replicate those elements in the golf swing?

Well, the people who invented the Precision Impact training aide are here to help you build a great swing.

The Precision Impact golf training aid looks like an arm guard borrowed from a medieval knight’s suit of armor. The aid is about 11 inches long and is constructed of a lightweight automotive grade nylon. It fits over the forearm and hand, and held in place by a Velcro arm strap, and two finger slots. It is very light weight and extremely durable. How does it work? The secret is in the click.

Once you have the aid secured to your arm and hand. Lift the tab at the top, and then start the backswing. You will hear a click as you set your hands at the top of your backswing. Your wrist is now locked into the perfect position. Be sure to take a full body turn away from the target. Now when you start the downswing your wrists are in the perfect position to produce maximum power when making contact with the ball. You will avoid the dreaded flipping of the wrists which is a major power leak when trying to acquire distance on your golf shots.

The clicking may be a little unusual, but it is perfect feedback to assure you are in a good position at the top of your backswing. A variety of straps enable you to hit everything from a driver to your putter. Your Precision Impact Training Tool comes with a neon colored carry bag, and it easily fits into you golf bag so you can take it to the practice range , or use it to warm-up before you tee off on the course.

The Precision Impact comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and shipping in the USA is free. When you receive yours, look on the company website for swing drills with the legendary Peter Kostis.

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