PerfectMotion® Welcomes U.K. Golf Instructor and YouTube Sensation Ali Taylor

Ali Taylor, one of the golf industry's hottest instructors on Facebook and Instagram and with over 20,000 subscribers to the evergrowing YouTube channel, has joined the staff at PerfectMotion.

BOSTON – PerfectMotion® has added top UK instructor Ali Taylor to its AI-powered mobile app platform that helps golfers groove efficient body motion using instant feedback and expert instruction on every swing. Taylor took up the game in his teens, started coaching in his twenties and has since become a rising star worldwide among golf enthusiasts. As teaching professional at Heron’s Reach Golf Resort in Blackpool, United Kingdom, and owner of the popular Ali Taylor Golf channel on YouTube, Taylor sees PerfectMotion® as a way to get his students to practice with purpose and play to their true potential.

Ali Taylor approaches golf instruction with an undeniable energy and passion for helping golfers get more enjoyment out of the game,” said PerfectMotion® CEO Rich Kosowsky. “As soon as Ali introduced PerfectMotion to his YouTube followers and students, the response was overwhelming. His audience quickly adopted the app, saw the value of our Continuous Expert Feedback loop on every swing, and enjoyed the ability of measuring their success through PPI. Ali really understands the value of the data and real-time connection to every student that the platform provides.”

Golfer across the globe can download the PerfectMotion® game improvement app and choose Taylor as their personal coach for free. Then, as they take swings, the app’s artificial intelligence pinpoints motion faults and automatically provides Taylor’s custom instructional videos to correct the issue. Users can also choose to opt into personalized remote coaching with Taylor to speed improvement of their games.

The PerfectMotion™ mobile app is a uniquely-personalized golf training system that allows golfers to quickly learn and feel correct body motion with every club through an innovative process of continuous expert feedback.

“There’s so much tech in golf today, but what golfers are missing is accurate feedback that is simple to understand and integrate into their training sessions. What I love about PerfectMotion® is that the feedback is instant, objective and keeps the instructor and student focused on one thing at a time. On top of that, with PPI, the PerfectMotion® Performance Index, I can easily track student improvement, accountability and their strengths and weaknesses. And since the app allows my students to compete with each other, their practice and improvement journey are more fun,” Taylor says.

Taylor produces multiple videos per week for his YouTube channel, each highlighting his easy charm and playful curiosity. In the VIDEO announcing his partnership with PerfectMotion®, Taylor drew on his audience to respond to the question “What does practice make?” and keyed on the app’s ability to pinpoint golfers’ most glaring body motion issues:

Ali Taylor has risen quickly through the ranks of the PGA, becoming certified in a number of key specialties, including TrackMan and TPI. “The instrumental phase in my development as a teacher came under the guidance of instructor Scott Cranfield at Chart Hills in Kent,” Taylor says. “Scott really opened my eyes to the mental side of the game as well as the physical side. I then completed a bio-mechanic certification with Paul Chek that was amazingly informative. To understand what the body is doing relative to the efficiency of the golf swing made me a better teacher and it’s a big reason I reacted so positively when I discovered PerfectMotion® and how it instantly gives feedback on real-time body motion.”

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