New Titleist Tour Speed

Titleist new Tour Speed is a multilayer, TPU covered golf ball providing exceptional distance in the long game and precise short game scoring control, that retails for $39 dozen.

ORLANDO, Florida – Titleist the largest seller of golf balls introduces the Tour Speed, a lower compression three-piece urethane cover model at a midlevel price point.

Fast Facts:

* Three-piece construction

* Cast thermoplastic urethane 346-dimple cover

* New formulation of core to increase response speed

* Titleist’s fastest ever ionomer casing layer

* Lower compression and softer feel

* Retail $39.99 dozen

At first glance the new Tour Speed from Titleist would seem to be competing with three of their higher price models the Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX, i.e. urethane cover premium “Tour” balls. A closer look though shows they are really entering a market segment in which they did not have a model, a lower compression softer feel ball in the under than $40 per dozen category.

The Tour Speed’s soft feel and distance properties in part come from its compression being closer to the three-piece AVX at 80 and lower than the Pro V1 (three-piece 90) or the Pro V1x (four-piece100) which are all priced at $48 balls per dozen. This should make it attractive to those looking for a lower priced cast urethane performance ball with the Titleist brand name.

“Golfers can trust that when they tee up a Titleist, they are getting superior performance and quality versus the competition,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “Our golf ball scientists and engineers have gone to extraordinary lengths in the development of Tour Speed – testing numerous core formulations and aerodynamic patterns, while formulating and analyzing hundreds of TPU cover blends – to deliver on that promise. We have made every investment necessary in these new technologies, including a significant expansion of our manufacturing facility and process.”

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