New Prescription Discount Card Benefits Junior Golf is a company whose goal is to support junior golf offering consumers savings up to 87% on some prescription drugs at over 68,000 U.S. participating pharmacies, so whenever you use the card, the company promises to make contributions to programs such as The First Tee, Youth on Course and other initiatives which support youth golf.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – is a company recently launched as the only prescription discount program dedicated to specifically supporting established junior golf programs across the country, while helping to offset the skyrocketing costs of prescription medications. The new card is accepted at over 68,000 participating pharmacies in the U.S.

The program features an easy-to-navigate pharmacy price search tool that allows consumers to find the lowest price on all their medications in their local area. Then, just by showing the card at the pharmacy consumers can realize huge savings and at the same time support junior golf programs in their state. Every the time card is used to purchase a medication, $1.00 will be donated to junior golf. offers two ways of obtaining a card. Consumers can get a traditional card by visiting and either printing one out or having the card sent to their phone. The other option is to visit and download a progressive web app to their phone. The app provides a pharmacy price search and digital card all at the touch of a finger, along with access to other valuable information.

“By using the card or app, consumers can save up to 87% on most prescription drugs,” said founder and creator Michael Thompson. “The pharmacy price search does all the legwork and finds the lowest prices, no matter where in the country you are, so you can make smart choices and save money. The free prescription savings card means you have access to the lowest price on your prescriptions — either your insurance copay, the pharmacy retail price or the price.” is a nationwide prescription savings program for golfers that supports the growth of golf through contributions to youth golf programs nationwide.

“I personally have known the founder of for nearly four decades and believes, just like I do, that junior golf programs not only create better golfers but they create better citizens,” stated Dick Horton, the recently retired executive director of the Tennessee Golf Association and the Tennessee Golf Foundation. “In Tennessee, we’ve partnered with not only to save on prescription drug costs but also to bring golf and its core values of honesty, integrity and sportsmanship to young golfers all across our country. By supporting, you’ll be helping grow the game through the many established programs that support junior golfers.”

So who can benefit from the card?

If you have no prescription insurance coverage, a plan with a high deductible or are between jobs and utilizing temporary coverage, is designed for you. Even if you are satisfied with your insurance, often will save you money.

If you play golf, love the game or just like watching it, get the card, and enjoy the savings on prescription medications. Then share it with everyone you know and help grow the game through junior programs in your area.

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