Maui Jim Sunglasses – See the Course in a Whole New Light

Maui Jim, one of the world's leading names in sunglasses, has produced a PolarizedPlus2 lense that virtually eliminate the glare and help to enhance depth perception, all while blocking 100% of the sun’s harmful rays, that retail under $200.

BOSTON, Mass – Maui Jim Sunglasses have always had a lot of good things going for them. They are great for driving and you won’t find a more adaptive lens to wear at the beach. So it only made sense that when a few years ago Maui Jim decided to make some sport specific sunglasses and lenses, golf would be one of the beneficiaries.

This year, one of the models the company is touting for golf is Hikina, a polarized rimless model. Rimless is the key, as in sweat won’t well up in the bottom of the frame when you’re playing on those hot summer days. Although it’s rimless, Hikina provides great coverage.

Roughly translated, Hikina means the “start of a new day; sunrise.” These great looking sunglasses are available in seven different frame/lens color combinations with the Maui Pure LT lens. It’s Maui Jim’s thinnest and most lightweight lens material that is impact and scratch resistant. The temple tip pads have been minimized, and the nose pads are designed for advanced airflow. The total weight of the frame and lenses in=s a mere 10 ounces! I found that the Maui Green lenses are great for golf and seem to enhance the breaks and subtleties of the greens. The Hikina sunglasses retail for $189.99.

I never really gave it a second thought but aviator glasses also make for great golf sunglasses. Maui Jim’s Cliff House aviator sunglasses get their name from the Cliff House which is located at the top of Waipi`o Valley on the Big Island, Here you’ll find some of the Big Island’s best panoramic views of Hawaii’s natural beauty. The polarized Maui Pure lenses offer bright, clear views of almost everything, from tee to green. The Cliff House Aviator sunglasses are available in 4 frame/lens combinations with a retail price of $299.99.

When you hit the links in a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, you’re bound to see the course in a whole new way. Their PolarizedPlus2 lenses virtually eliminate the glare and help to enhance depth perception, all while blocking 100% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Maui Jim sunglasses are engineered for a comfortable fit and provide striking definition from tee to green. You won’t be able to claim the sun was in your eyes when you mishit that drive! This is a very small sample of what Maui Jim has available for golfers this year.

David a/k/a "The Golfin’ Guy" grew up in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, where it was assumed he would play hockey. Beginning at the age of 3 and continuing into his late 30's, he did just that. However, after one too many pucks to the head, he realized that golf was a lot easier on the body and took the game up. Since that time, golf has become his passion. From 2003 until 2009, David ran the sales and marketing department of TravelGolf Media and took his team to over $1M in annual advertising revenue. While at TravelGolf, an editor told him he had a flair for writing and the lightbulb went on. He started writing articles about anything golf related: courses, resorts, shoes, apparel, equipment and training aids and sending them to websites and magazines. At first, his articles were picked up by a few golf websites and magazines, but the number steadily grew – enough that he could call it a career. Most days he’s on a course somewhere, either working or playing. Occasionally you’ll find him on the practice range reinforcing bad habits. David plays to a 10 handicap - unless there is money involved in which case it goes considerably higher. Home is Crossville,Tennessee and his email is

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