LPGA Hall of Fame Professionals Instructor Kay McMahan advises that great golf posture is crucial for consistent, accurate and powerful ball striking.


Here is a very bold statement that is hard to believe, but I am going to prove that posture does not have to ever be taught or thought about! Therefore. . .what if?

* What if you never had to worry about posture?

* What if you never had to think about alignment?

* What if you never had to wonder how far to stand from the ball?

* What if you never had to guess about the ball position?

What if – there is an easier way to get set up to hit a golf ball, will save you time and will de-clutter the 1001 things going on in your head?

You don’t have to be an athlete to achieve great posture over the ball and Kay’s tips will work for golfers of all shapes and size.

Imagine by simply changing the order of how you get set up. . .posture, alignment, ball position, distance from the ball will all happen automatically.

The typical order for the recreational golfer goes like this, which we will call the “pigeon walk”. . . shuffles up to the ball by setting feet first, then sets the club on the ground behind the ball, then grips the club – then tries to adjust alignment and posture, hovering over the ball for a longer time with a zillion things going on in the 6-inch attic. As Judge Judy might say. “You’re out of order!” Your playing partners are saying subconsciously, “Just hit it!” Golf Professionals and more accomplished players have a different order of how to set up.

The basic pre-swing setup fundamentals – grip, aim and alignment, width of stance, weight distribution, ball position, hip bend, knee flex, and so on are the same, very present and necessary no matter who is swing the club.

At eduKaytion Golf with the development of Golf 8.5 – Simple Steps to a Classic Swing – the order of how to set up is changed. No more “pigeon walk” – all those things become natural and automatic with so much less thinking over the ball.

With a little bit of practice you can create a very efficient stance over the golf ball.

The first four steps of Golf 8.5 are called G-CAP. Just as one would set the table for dinner, all the stuff is there. . .plates, silverware, placemats, but the order has to be correct. . .not plate first, then placemat on top.

The pre-swing order is called G-CAP.

One – Grip the club with the club up in the air at eye level, leading edge perpendicular to the ground.

Two – Clubhead is set on the ground as it is designed by stepping in with the rear foot, putting the leading edge perpendicular to the target line.

Three – Align the feet by moving the feet into position with the line across the toes perpendicular to the club face.

Four – Posture happens automatically, perfectly and naturally.

The agony of missing a short putt could result from poor posture.

Using G-CAP from the putter to the driver, creates a consistent pre-shot routine. The club design tells you where to stand by first gripping the club, then setting it on the ground. With the G-CAP order, the following all happen automatically:


Ball Position

Distance from the ball

Length of time over the ball


Practice makes perfect along with joyous time spent on the golf course.

And more importantly – peace of mind! G-CAP is the model for efficiency, ease of how to set-up, creates a routine eliminating unwanted thoughts, puts one in the “zone”, and promotes a good pace of play. The order is extremely important. Order, Order, Order – each step relies on the previous step.

Try it! You’ll be amazed and successful in a short amount of time.


(Kay MacMahon, a member of LPGA Hall of Fame Professsional, id Online Instruction Editor for Pro Golf Weekly, eSouthernGolf and new england dot Golf.)

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