Honma Golf: TR21X New Distance Iron

Honma Golf, one of the world's leading brands, has introduced the new distance iron called TR21X model, targeted at players ranging in skill level from professionals to mid-handicappers.

ORLANDO, Florida – A new distance iron from Honma Golf, the TR21X model, is targeted at players ranging in skill level from professionals to mid-handicappers.

Fast Facts Honma TR21X Irons:

Blade-like look

Foam filled hollow body

Internal tungsten weight

L-cup face

$188 per club NSPro 95 NEO steel shafts

$212 Sakata VIZARD graphite shafts

Honma has completed the TR family with the new TR21X irons that have a hollow foam-filled body and built for use by “competitive to mid handicap players.” These are players-distance category irons with very strong lofts—5-iron 23° and 10-iron (pitching wedge) 38°.

Weighting is low in the clubhead thanks for the head configuration and an internal tungsten bar of 42 grams in the long irons, 50 grams in the mid-irons and 73 grams in the short irons. Honma says even with the strong lofts they produce a high launch and a high resistance to twisting or MOI.

“The distance iron category is the fastest growing iron segment and the TR21X makes a bold statement of looks, sound, feel and flight that will bring a lot of confidence to players who put this full set in play,” says Mark Myrhum Director of Global Product. “Golfers can also take advantage of the exceptional long- and mid-iron playability and combine it with Honma’s high-performance TR20P, V or B irons.”

Combining with the previously introduced TR20 (P, V, B) models for a mixed set will attract some players or using one or more of the TR21X long irons as a utility club is also possible.

Announced at the same time were the TR21 FTi BIG-LB Fairway ($329), the TR21 F Fairways (($299) and TR1` H Hybrids ($249) all with Sakata VIZARD graphite shafts as stock.


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