Edel Golf SMS Irons

The new SMS irons from Edel Golf promise faster ball speed, longer distance and more accuracy.

The new SMS (Swing Match System) irons from Edel Golf have three weights allowing precise adjustment of ball flight pattern according to the needs of individual players.


  • Forged 1025 carbon steel hollow body
  • Maraging steel face cup plasma welded to body
  • Urethane foam filling
  • Three adjustable rear weight screws—one 8-gram, two 2-gram
  • Optional 4-, 6- 10-gram weights
  • Stock shaft: KBS Tour, KBS Tour Lite
  • Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Stock lofts: 5-iron 26°, pitching wedge 45°
  • Price: $250 per club—8 club set $2,000


The new SMS irons from Edel Golf promise faster ball speed, longer distance
and more accuracy. (Edel Golf)

Edel Golf has introduced an adjustable weight iron, the SMS (Swing Match System) model, which allows the user to customize the positions of the three weights to achieve the flight pattern desired. For instance, as with adjustable drivers, by locating the heaviest weight towards the heel a right to left bias for the right-handed player is created to help straighten the slice shot pattern of the majority of golfers.

Similarly for a right-handed player, placing the heavier weight in the most forward position produces a left to right or fade bias.

Company testing reported the SMS provided increases in both ball speed and distance with added accuracy.

“The majority of golf clubs on the market are static, meaning once you buy them, you have to adjust your swing to the club,” said Chris Koske, Chief Marketing Officer. “When we first started playing with weights in wedges and irons, we saw overwhelming data that showed golfers were getting better results by being able to customize the club to their specific swing. When was the last time you hit a non-adjustable hosel driver? It’s probably been a while. We believe golf clubs should be fit to the golfer, not just how they were swinging the day of the fit, but truly be able to change with you as your game changes.”

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