Datatech reports 42 percent decrease in rounds played in April 2020

Golf Datatech is an independent golf market research company that tracks retail sales for golf equipment and apparel, conducts consumer studies both proprietary and syndicated and produces a monthly National Rounds Played Report.

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – Not surprisingly, golf rounds played this past April in the U.S., took a hit because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Golf Datatech reported rounds played in April 2020 were down 42.2 percent versus April 2019 and 15.6 percent year to date. Each of those numbers should rebound when Datatech releases this month’s numbers, as most course around the country have re-opened.

Datatech said April 2020 rounds were “significantly impacted’’ by the closures of many golf courses around the United States due to lockdowns related to the coronavirus. Due to a patchwork of governmental regulations and actions, Datatech said some states were completely closed to play, others were open for part of the month and closed for the rest, and some stayed open the entire time and drew in golfers from surrounding states.

Datatech said the total number of courses reporting rounds for April was not significantly different from year ago, however, a substantial number reported no rounds for this April.

For the foreseeable future, Datatech said it will omit data for the metropolitan areas. Golf Datatech, LLC was established in 1995, and since that time it has become the industry’s leader for accurate and timely information on retail sales, inventory, pricing, and distribution of golf products through the on and off course channels. In 1998, the Company extended its reach into consumer research, strategic sales, and marketing consulting.

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