Cobra Golf: KING Forged TEC Irons

Cobra Golf has revived the King name in the Cobra product lineup with the launch of the King Forged TEC which promise an iron that is easy to hit and responsive.

ORLANDO, Florida – The big difference between the 2015 Cobra KING Forged TEC irons and those from last season was the addition of a tungsten weight which turned a good iron design into one golfers, especially low handicappers, really like.

Now in 2020, Cobra’s design team led by Vice President of Research and Development Tom Olsavsky took a leap forward with the newest KING Forged TEC. As with many models in the players category the muscle back head is hollow making an iron with additional forgiveness, something we all can use at times.

The inside is filled with foam microspheres that not only helps produce a solid, satisfying impact sound but contributes to a softer feel and while supporting Cobra’s PWRSHELL face to give more distance. The forged face insert wraps around the club’s leading edge and has a larger sweet spot designed to preserve ball speed on off center strikes as well as produce a higher launch.

The tungsten from the 2018 model has been reshaped and is located near the toe to make sure the center of gravity is behind the center of the face, a big help for generating more yardage plus improving accuracy and control.

Cobra King Forged TEC irons are designed to fit a wide range of skill levels in all players and are made with a cavity to maximize forgiveness and feel while also cutting down on vibration at impact and good choice for low to middle handicap golfers.

A no-extra-cost feature that Cobra has done in the last three years is to include Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos. The system consists of swing sensors imbedded in the grip that collect data on every shot which can be uploaded to a smartphone using the Arccos Caddie app.

KING Forged TEC irons will also be available in the ONE Length option. All the irons are the same weight and length (37.50 inches) of a 7-iron allowing for one set up and swing motion for every loft. Weight is added to the long irons to compensate for the shorter shafts and to match 7-iron swing weight, while weight is removed from the short irons and wedges compensating for the longer shafts while still delivering a 7-iron swing weight.

WYNTK KING Forged TEC Irons:

Muscle back forged players category irons

Hollow foam-filled clubheads

Forged L-shaped face insert

Tungsten bar low in head near toe

Tungsten screw in toe for CG positioning

Stock steel KBS $-Taper Lite shaft and stock graphite shafts Project X Catalyst 80

Lamkin Crossline COBRA CONNECT grips

$1,099 steel shafts or $1,199 graphite set 4-iron through gap wedge

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