Bridgestone Golf: TOUR B Golf Ball

Bridgestone Golf has introduced the new TOUR B golf ball promising added distance, feel, forgiveness and control with the REACTIV cover retails for $44.

ORLANDO, Florida – Bridgestone Golf has unveiled the 2020 TOUR B family of golf balls and promoting what they are saying is ground breaking technology with the first ever “Smart Cover,“ made with a “smart” urethane. Tagged as the REACTIV cover it is described as an impact modifier that will provide a different amount of spin at different clubhead speeds to produce the best results.

Ball engineers know low spin off the driver creates more distance and high spin off irons is essential for control of scoring shots. The two are not naturally compatible and the REACTIV urethane for the Tour B cover was created to resolve the incompatibility. The REACTIV cover absorbs energy on shorter shots, those with relatively slow impact speed, but has a high amount of resilience when the club/ball impact is at high speed such as with a driver. Spin therefore is much lower when club speed is high and higher when clubhead speed is low.

“Reinventing the Tour ball wasn’t something that happened overnight, this is a new technology that we have been working on for years,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager. “We knew that there was a fundamental issue with traditional urethane covers that we needed to overcome – golfers historically have had to choose distance or spin in a Tour ball. We are pioneering a new age in Tour ball design with this REACTIV cover. It’s rather remarkable that this new cover provides more distance and more spin in the same ball, thus giving golfers better performance on all shots.”

Tiger Woods the company’s most famous product endorser was a prominent part of the announcement and advertising for the TOUR B will feature him.

It has been an open secret the Nike branded golf balls Woods played for most of his PGA Tour victories and 13 of his 15 major championships were actually manufactured by Bridgestone. Woods, who worked extensively with Bridgestone research department, commented on the new TOUR B XS ball which he is currently playing. “I’ve worked with Bridgestone’s R&D team for nearly 20 years now, so I know they are the market leader in golf ball innovation, but the last couple of years have been different. Working closely with the R&D team I’ve been able to take ownership of this design more than any other ball spec in my career. We have taken it to the next level with the new REACTIV cover. It gives me the right feel and has short game spin that exceeds my previous Urethane ball. Off the tee, ball speed is up and this new TOUR B XS is definitely longer while still being in my window.”

The family is comprised of four models– TOUR B X, TOUR B XS, TOUR B RX and TOUR B RXS.


For players with driver swings >105 mph

3-piece with Gradational Compression Core

REACTIV urethane cover

TOUR B XS softer more short iron spin

TOUR B X firmer


For players with driver swings <105 mph

3-piece with Gradational Compression Core

REACTIV urethane cover

TOUR B RXS softer cover

TOUR B RX firmer

Choice of white or optic yellow

All the Bridgestone TOUR B family will be at retail Feb. 14 – street price of $44.99 per dozen.

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