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Breakthrough Golf Technology, founded by Barney Adams, uses the latest technology to develop and market the finest most precise shafts available including the latest model called Brava.

ORLANDO, Florida – Breakthrough Golf Technology launched the Brava shaft in the fall of 2022 and like many new golf innovations that boast bold claims of performance upgrades, you read these claims with a touch of skepticism. Several years ago Breakthrough Golf Technology pioneered the launch of the hugely successful Stability Shaft for putters.

According to BGT, the Brava shaft delivers the power and consistency to perform shot after shot regardless of swing speed or driver model. Designed for maximum ball speed and smash factor because it provides more center strikes and a better face angle. These are very similar claims to that of the Autoflex brand of shafts that costs over $800, while Brava is about half that cost.

“This has been in development for a while and we are absolutely thrilled with the performance,” said Breakthrough Golf CEO and Founder Barney Adams in a press release. “What golfer doesn’t want to hit more good shots? We started best performance attributes in our Stability shafts and let that inspire us to develop a world-class driver.”


In head-to-head testing, Brava was up to 10 yards longer than two of the top-performing premium driver shafts on the market (Autoflex & Mitsubishi Tensei Blue). BGT says, “The magic comes from a shaft that feels very light yet still delivers incredible power.”

The “under the hood” build includes exclusive Speedflite NRG™ technology built with premium Toray™ carbon fiber, which is 10x the strength of steel at a fraction of its weight. This translates to less energy needed when swinging and results in an exceptionally stable driver head for more distance and tighter ball dispersion. There’s no mistaking that BGT is going after the market that Autoflex has captured with Brava, and at half the cost they could have a winner if the results back up the claims. It’s light, active, and promises more explosive distance.

Testing new drivers and shafts is sometimes confusing to me and I’m sure it is for the average player also. Even the most experienced club fitters struggle to find a solution to a proper driver head/shaft combo. All I want is distance and straight hits. Is that asking too much when laying out $400 for a driver shaft?


The BGT Brava requires a physical adjustment and my first impression was that it felt really light and super flexible as I waggled in pre-shot mode. Usually, anything light (54 grams) and softer in flex brings the dreaded hook into play. So I had to step up and just let it rip.

My first session with Brava was good, resulting in big high bombs. No adjustments in club setup or address were made to achieve the good results. The Brava is a great product and staying in my bag for the immediate future.

Brava is not for everyone, but it’s worth checking out for sure. I have tried dozens of premium driver shafts and not a single one has provided the secret sauce that we saw instantly with Brava. For a low-handicap player that’s been searching for the right combination of distance, trajectory, and dispersion – Breakthrough Golf Technology‘s Brava is the answer.

Bill Sangster, a life-long golf aficionado and former Sergeant in Marines, moved to Cape Cod in 1974 where he raised his family while working as educator with the Sandwich School System for 23 years. With his Falmouth home adjacent to Paul Harney’s Golf Course, Bill spent many days learning and playing the game of golf. He was a member of White Cliffs Country Club and Sandwich Hollows Country on Cape Cod. In 2018 he continued his love for the game of golf by moving to “The Villages” in Florida. He now will admit to anyone who asks that he is addicted to the game of golf! Bill can be reached at

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