Blue Tees Rangefinder – Change the Way You See the Course

The Series 3 Max rangefinder from Blue Tees offers advanced software, next-generation design, premium materials, and a custom weather-proof case with a retail price of $259.

ORLANDO, Florida – The Series 3 Max is Blue Tees’ most advanced rangefinder yet, with next generation technology and a cutting-edge modern design.

Pushing the bounds of technology and innovation in the world of golf, the Series 3 has been designed for those who want to defy the limits of the course. The Series 3 Max provides Active Slope Switch Technology, Crystal Clear Display, Built-in Magnetic Strip, Advanced Flag Lock + Pulse Vibration, Auto-Ambient Tech, and more. The Series 3 Max takes innovation and technology to the next level.

“When we started Blue Tees, our mission was to develop a rangefinder that could perform at the highest-level with the latest features at a price that makes it accessible for the everyday golfer. The Series 3 Max completes our lineup of rangefinders by delivering on that goal and so much more,” said Chris Markham, Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Tees Golf.

Blue Tees Series 3 MaxBlue Tees Series 3 Max Features

* Auto-Ambient Display – Senses the amount of light in your environment. On a bright day, the display shows black text and in darker, shaded environments it automatically changes to red text to more easily visualize and lock onto target.

* Magnetic Strip – a built-in magnetic strip allows the rangefinder to be secured to golf cart for easier accessibility.

* Advanced Flag Lock – locks onto the flag, even with shaky hands.


* Pulse Vibration – a short pulse vibration to let you know that you have locked onto your target.

* 900 Yard Range – Measure targets up to 900 yards with accuracy to within 1 yard. Stay dialed in and swing with confidence 100% of the time.

* Slope-Switch Technology – Toggle in and out of Slope function (rangefinder is tournament legal when slope is disabled). Slope distance is calculated and adjusted based on the incline/decline for “True Distance”.

* Optics – Multi-coated 4K optics with 7x magnification and a proprietary visual display.

* Water Resistant – Built to withstand rain and dew.

The purpose of a rangefinder is to quickly and accurately calculate distances and The Series 3 Max does just that. I found The Series 3 Max to be quick, clear, and really easy to point and shoot. Distances measured were accurate and consistent.

You can’t go wrong with the Blue Tees Series 3 Max, it may be a Game Changer!

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