Barney Adams: The Man, The Myth, The Legend Continues

Barney Adams started Adams Golf in 1988, specializing in custom fitted golf clubs, then expanding after the explosive success of the Tight Lies Fairway Woods, has started a company called Breakthrough Golf Technology featuring a new product called Stability Putter Shaft.

NASHUA, New Hampshire – Barney Adams is an undisputed golf legend.

He founded his own company Adams Golf in 1988, which was later sold to TaylorMade/Adidas in 2012. During his time with Adams he revolutionized the game with his innovative Tight Lies fairway wood, quite literally changing how we play.

Now back with his new company, Breakthrough Golf Technology, the recipient of the 2010 Ernie Sabayrac Award for lifetime contribution to the golf industry given by the PGA, is changing the game once again.

When a colleague had mentioned how replacing shafts on drivers and irons were commonplace while little attention was being given to putters, an idea was born. Considering that the putter is used on average 41% of the time, it would seem to make sense to focus on the club used more than any other, yet nobody was doing so. So, Adams got to work and founded Breakthrough Golf Technology just outside of Dallas, Texas.

The next step was to research the putting motion, and see if anything could be done to the club to help a golfer fulfill their potential. As Barney says, “We want you to be as good as you can.”

That means working to eliminate any possible variances that are due to the club you are using. Adams identified a couple of issues and he and his team then got to work to correct the problem areas. This would not be an easy undertaking and would take over two years of research and development with the use of robotics and high-speed cameras to obtain the necessary data.

Stability Shaft produced by Breakthrough Golf Technology claims to be the fastest growing shaft on the PGA,, Champions and European Tours with 56% of players tested saying the Stability Shaft improved their putting, and claiming to make the putter face squarer at impact so putts stay more on line.

I have my putter equipped with the Stability Shaft and can attest to the amazing results this product yields. Not only does the shaft reduce both head rotation and lift, but also minimizes the reverberation from impact which all results in a more true flow of the putter head through the impact zone. Not only does this increase your odds of hitting the putt the way you want to, but it also allows for instant feedback if there is a flaw in your putting motion. In other words, you can’t blame it on the club anymore!

After chatting with Barney for about a half an hour, I had a firm grasp on what makes the Stability Shaft so great, and I also learned what makes Barney Adams so great. Aside from being a true golf innovator, starting two successful equipment companies, and the many accolades he has received over the years, Barney Adams is just a down-to-earth, regular guy who loves golf and wants to help other golfers “be as good as you can”.

When I asked him his favorite thing about golf I was surprised at his answer. Not that it was anything unusual, just that he felt almost exactly the same as I do.

“When you play, you have to shut everything off. You get a couple of hours of a completely different environment. That and the fact that you’re accomplishing something difficult, golf is not easy.”

He’s right, golf is not easy. And if your putter is misbehaving, forget about it. When you consider how often you use the flat stick, it makes perfect sense to optimize the club used more than any other, and nothing else you can find can do this for you like the Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Shaft.

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