Alero Sport Lifestyle Belts

Alero Sports, launched in 2020 by two female athletes - Janine Roth and Kim Alessi - has earned market share and popularity in the golf apparel industry.

ORLANDO, Florida – Belts are one of the oldest and most enduring pieces of human clothing. Not wearing one almost gives the impression that you were too rushed and frazzled when getting dressed. Only in rare instances does going without a belt look complete.

Most men slide on a belt without much thought. Despite being rather small in size and unobtrusive at times, a belt can definitely make or break your overall look. It is one of those accessories that shows whether or not you really care about your complete look or are only trying to keep your pants from falling down.

Wise men know that choosing the right shirt and pants looks great, but having the right belt to go with them can turn a good look into a statement. After all, if you look good you will play good, or at least impress your playing partners.

Alero Sport Lifestyle Belts add personal touch of style to any outfit.

Just as all golf balls are not the same, all belts are not the same. If you want a belt that will make a statement, the Lifestyle Belts from Alero Sport will impress.

Launched in 2020, Alero Sport, a new player in the apparel accessory market, was the dream of Janine Roth and Kim Alessi. The two female athletes met and started the brand out of their shared love of sports. The drive for competition, self discipline, and a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle is embedded in everything they do at Alero Sport.

Alero Sport Lifestyle Belts will stretch your style for work or play. Where classic meets modern. Alero Sport exudes luxury and versatility that will take you from the office, to the golf course, to dinner downtown with friends.

Produced by Italian manufacturers known for their rich history and heritage, the well thought out designs and color choices incorporate Alero Sport’s passion to provide customers with stylish goods of the highest caliber. By adding an unexpected pop of color, or an interesting texture to each design, the skilled artisans have created novel interpretations of the classic braided belt.

Classy best describes Alero Sport Belts that are made in a variety of sizes and have “no holes” for great adjustability. In addition, most styles have built in stretch for ultimate comfort.

Alero Sport’s mission is to add that personal touch of style to any outfit that makes you, you!

Alero Sport’s Men’s and Women’s Lifestyle Belts can be found in Country Clubs and Golf Shops.

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