ADIDAS Tour 360 XT Twin Boa- The Latest in Golf Shoe Technology

Adidas and Boa have combined their efforts and introduced the Tour 360 XT Twin Boa golf shoe that retails for $250.

ORLANDO, Florida – Adidas, the multinational manufacturer of clothing, shoes and accessories turned 70 this past August.

The company is headquartered in Germany where fit, design and innovation meet, and where Adidas continues to introduce new and improved footwear to the golf market.

Most recently Adidas and Boa have combined their efforts and introduced the Tour 360 XT Twin Boa, featuring their first dual dial configuration. Customized micro-adjustability provided by the Boa Fit System activates two zones to deliver the ultimate in power, stability and performance.

The Twin Boa Adidas Tour 360 XT has a new and different look. At first glance, my initial impression is that they look like some old guy’s shoes with the velcro closure instead of regular golf shoes. Upon closer evaluation, the Twin Boa system controls not only the snugness of the strings on the shoe but also a wrap-around leather piece across the upper part of the foot that provides maximized power. This boa duo provides a better foot connection to your shoe-improving stability, control and power, so you can play all day with confidence.

Let’s talk strings for a moment. How often do you lace up your golf shoes and before you make the turn, you are retying the shoe-strings? Or even worse, they loosen to the point that your feet are not stable in your shoes, and your set up particularly on the drive or an uneven lie does not feel right. That just doesn’t happen with the Boa Fit System that utilizes the latest CS1 technology. What is CS1 you ask? Simply, the super strong CS1 lace is 49 strands of stainless steel wrapped in nylon to give you the perfect dialed-in fit which withstands dirt, sand and water. It wraps around the foot and then laces up the shoe through specially low-friction guides, connecting to the micro adjustable Boa dial.

While each component is crucial to optimizing the Boa Fit experience, the foundation of the system is the Boa Dial. The L6 Dial allows you to tighten the laces to the perfect tension for you foot as well as the new over the foot wrap-over leather piece. You simply snap down the Boa Dial, turn it to your required tightness, and it will stay that way all day. To release, you pull up on the dial. Then just take the shoes off. The Adidas Tour 360 XT Twin Boa comes in two color styles. The shoe is white with a yellow or white Adidas enhancement on the bottom of the shoe. MSRP is $250.

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