Wilson Staff Golf: D7 Driver

The new Wilson Staff D7 Driver with RE-AKT technology uses advanced materials and a streamlined design to create a driver that delivers exceptional sound and feel and allows for greater ball speeds and maximum distance off the tee.

ORLANDO, Florida – Wilson made a statement about their view of the club business with the introduction of the Cortex last November. This winner of the Driver vs Driver Season 2 is a feature-rich model with a titanium skeleton, carbon fiber, changeable weights, adjustable hosel and a price of $500.

They are now obviously making a different statement with the release of the $300 D7 driver along with the companion fairway woods and hybrids.

The D7 driver is targeted at those golfers who don’t want or think they don’t need all the features of the Cortex but can benefit from an ultra-lightweight driver they can swing faster to generate more clubhead speed and distance.

The reduction in the D7’s weight was accomplished by stripping out 25 grams from the clubhead, making a 46-gram UST Mamiya Helium the stock shaft and a 28-gram Lamkin MicroLite grip standard. The clubhead weighs in at just 192 grams and total club weight is among the lowest in the industry. Also, to make a complete package the crown has two layers of carbon fiber with DuPont Kevlar sandwiched in between to provide strength.

Many times, driver manufacturers add adjustable weights in order to accommodate the needs of a range of players but Wilson’s D7 has a neat alternative solution. Rather than the added expense and grams of screws or sliding sole weights the center of gravity is located differently for each of the three D7 lofts offered. The 9° model, which is targeted at those with faster swing speeds, has the CG is forward to facilitate lower spin. The 10.5° for medium swing speed players has the CG in the center of the head and for slower swings the 13° loft model has it low and back to produce more carry and with more spin.

The new Wilson Staff Hybrids with RE-AKT technology should create more versatility and playability for better feel and faster club head speeds.

Brand & Model:

Wilson Staff D7 driver

Key Features:

Very low overall weight

Carbon/Kevlar crown

CG located separately for each loft

Price & Availability:

$300 and available now

Need to Know:

Very light overall weight means D7 can be swung faster producing more clubhead speed. Carbon fiber and Kevlar crown with loft-specific center of gravity locations. Without the types of features that add to the cost the D7 is targeted at those wanting a driver at an inexpensive price.

Brand & Model:

Wilson Staff D7 fairway wood

Wilson Staff D7 hybrid

Key Features:

SuperLight design

ReAKT technology

Carpenter Custom 455 Face Insert

Price & Availability:

Wilson Staff D7 fairway wood $200

Wilson Staff D7 hybrid $180

Need to Know:

D7 fairway woods and hybrids like the companion drivers are very light weight, a positive for those with slower swing speeds. Pricing is also pocketbook friendly with the stock shaft for both the UST Mamiya Helium. Fairway woods have the choice of 15°, 18° and 21° while the hybrid choice is 19°, 22°, 25° and 28°.


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