WGAM To Merge With MGA in 2018

The MGA/ First Tee of Massachusetts Clubhouse in Norton, Massachusetts. Credit: Bowdoin Construction

The Massachusetts Golf Association (MGA) and the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts (WGAM) recently announced that the two organizations have signed a Letter of Intent to fully integrate operations and governance beginning in January 2018.

Under the proposed merger, the combined organization will retain the name of Massachusetts Golf Association and will represent and serve the golfers and member clubs of Massachusetts.

“After years of collaborating informally, it became clear to both Associations that we could better utilize all of our resources – staff, volunteers and finances – if we work together,” said Tom Bagley, President of the MGA. “Our collective goal is to better serve all golfers in Massachusetts.”

“We are confident that women’s golf in Massachusetts will thrive under the new structure.”

The consolidated structure will create one governing board and a melding of enhanced services, including grow-the-game initiatives, championships, member events, junior golf, handicapping, course rating, volunteer resources and opportunities, communications, marketing and business operations.

“We are confident that women’s golf in Massachusetts will thrive under the new structure,” said Leslie Logan, current President of the WGAM.

The MGA, which was founded in 1903, has a membership of 87,000 men and women golfers and more than 360 member clubs. The WGAM was founded in 1900 and currently organizes and runs 24 tournaments and competitions with over 1,600 players from roughly 170 clubs throughout the state.

“The MGA will greatly benefit from having women even more active in all facets of the organization,” said Jesse Menachem, the MGA’s Executive Director.

The MGA intends to continue the efforts of the WGAM to provide scholarships and recognition to deserving junior girls through collaboration with the WGAM Scholarship Fund. The two full-time staffs will also be combined and restructured to ensure a seamless transition.

“This is an important moment for golf in Massachusetts” said Cathleen Beach, the WGAM’s Executive Director. “Together we will be stronger, more efficient and will reach even more golfers across the state.”

For more information on each organization, you can visit MGAlinks.org and WGAM.org.

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