The Golf Ball Guide: Multi-Piece Golf Balls

There are basically 3 fundamental types of golf balls and they are the 2-Piece golf balls; 3-Piece hybrid golf balls and the 3-4 Piece golf balls.

BOSTON, Mass – GOLF BALLS WITH THREE OR MORE PIECES are a good choice for middle- to low-handicap golfers. Multi-piece balls typically enhance feel and spin to give higher-skilled golfers more shot control. In addition, multi-piece construction that includes mantle layering enables manufacturers to target playability features by adding unique layers to the golf ball.

Something that many golfers don’t think too much about is golf balls. These all look the same but are they all the same? Wrong!

There is a huge difference between golf balls. You’ve probably seen the dedicated driving range golf balls and the golf balls they sell in your local golf shop. There are many types of balls, materials used and construction methods. Read all the interesting information about golf balls, the types and constructions, here and know which you should play with next time!

Following are some representative multi-piece golf balls made by various companies.

*Approximate price ranges from golf retailers:
$ = under $25
$$ = $25 to $39.99
$$$ = $40 and more

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