The New England Women’s Golf Association (NEWGA) has announced that their Women’s Championship will be managed and operated by the New England Golf Association (NEGA) beginning in 2020.

NORTON, Massachusetts – The New England Women’s Golf Association (NEWGA) formally announces that their Women’s Championship will be managed and operated by the New England Golf Association (NEGA) beginning in 2020.

“It is a privilege to be entrusted with the administration of such an illustrious event,” said Harry McCracken, the Executive Secretary of the NEGA. “We will continue to run the Championship to the standard the NEWGA representatives have set and to the degree that the competitors deserve.”

Established in 1956 by Cris Eaton of Massachusetts, the NEWGA Championship, to be known as the New England Women’s Amateur Championship moving forward, is an elite amateur women’s golf event in New England that rotates between Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The inaugural Championship was conducted the year after its formation in 1957, taking place at Wampanoag Country Club in West Hartford, Connecticut and was won by Joanne Goodwin, a two-time champion.

“Adding our Women’s Championship to the NEGA’s lineup will ensure that we will continue to have a consistent, professionally run New England Championship,” said Leslie Logan, the current president of the NEWGA. “The NEGA’s resources should allow us to draw an even more competitive field into the future. Having one organization offering amateur, senior, women’s and junior championships in New England makes the most sense.”

The New England Women’s Amateur Championship will be the fifth prestigious event added to the NEGA calendar alongside the New England Amateur Championship, the New England Junior Amateur Invitational, New England Girls’ Junior Amateur Invitational, and New England Senior Amateur Championship. Established in 1926, the NEGA is made up of leaders from all six regional golf associations.

“The NEGA looks forward to continuing the traditions of this historic Championship,” said Greg Howell, Manager of NEGA Operations. “Leslie and the NEWGA Board of Directors have been fantastic to work with and their input will be crucial in the future growth of the event.”

For over 63 years NEWGA has been a pioneer of women’s amateur golf in New England. Most notably, past champions and participants include Pat Bradley, Tara Joy-Connelly, Pippy Rooney, Jane Blalock, Ann Marie Tobin, Joanne Carner, and Pam Kuong. Most recently, the 2018 Championship was held at the Woodlands Club in Falmouth, Maine and was won by U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Champion Shannon Johnson.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing in this event,” said Shannon Johnson, 2018 NEWGA Champion. “The field is consistently competitive and the commitment by the staff and volunteers to make the Championship a memorable experience for everyone is great. I have no doubt that the New England Golf Association will continue to build off of this event and make it even more special.”

The New England Women’s Amateur Championship will continue to be rotated through all six states and is being held this year at GreatHorse in Hampden, Massachusetts. The 2020 Championship is headed to North Conway Country Club in North Conway, New Hampshire.

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