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Kelken Enterprises manufactures Kelken’s Pro Air Grip® glove concept, Pro Air putter grip, and Pro Stabilizer recently launched the Incinerator® golf ball, promising longer, straighter drives that reatils for $49 dozen.

BOSTON, Mass – Most of us are familiar with the top of the line golf balls, Titleist, Callaway and Taylor Made to name a few but how many golfers are familiar with the Incinerator golf ball?

A ball that reduces spin which, according to the people who manufacture the Incinerator, will fly straighter than any other ball. Oh to spend more time in the fairway and less time scrounging the woods or the rough trying to find our errant shots. That would be like finding the Holy Grail of Golf. But does it work?

Kelken Enterprises is the creator of the Incinerator golf ball. The ball is a three –piece construction and a dimple pattern that is unlike any golf ball that I have ever seen. Each of the 351 dimples on the ball has a minute convex inner dimple that is the element which enables the incinerator to fly straight and true. According to the manufacturer, each mini dimple blocks the wind on the back of the ball resulting in more accurate tee shots. But, you will probably lose some distance.

Kelley Peregoy, President of Kelken Enterprises, is inventor of Kelken’s Pro Air Grip® glove concept, Incinerator® golf ball, Pro Air putter grip, and Pro Stabilizer.

Kelley Peregoy is the inventor of the Incinerator. He told me that the unique dimple pattern “will help keep you from hooking or slicing the ball.” He also did say that there may be a reduction in the distance your incinerator golf ball will travel. “Your tee shot may lose up to 10% of the distance you get from other well-known balls. But would you rather be 300 yards in the woods, or 250 yards in the fairway? And we are the only golf ball manufacture who provides a money back guarantee.”

Kelley sent me a sleeve of balls and I gave them a test-run at my home course. I teed up three Titleist Pro v-1’s on a straightaway par 4. The weather was pleasant, temperature in the low 80’s and very little wind, I used a Titleist driver with graphite, senior flex shaft.

I started with the Titlists’. The best tee shot finished up in the middle of the fairway and the total distance was 205 yards. The balls had a pretty good hang–time and had very little roll.
I teed up the Incinerator ball with the odd dimples, and aimed for the middle of the fairway. The manufacturer had said you could expect a 10 % loss in distance, when compared to a top-performing ball like the Titleist. Two of the Incinerator balls were about ten yards shorter than the Titleist, but one of them was only a couple of yards behind my best drive.

I also did a putting test. Both balls performed well, but the Incinerator seemed firm . I tried some putts and the Titleist worked better for me. The Incinerator rolled okay, but seemed a bit hard and I had trouble getting a feel for the distance to the hole.

If you’re having trouble staying in the fairway, give the Incinerator a try. The ball is approved by the USGA for play.

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