Golf Gifts, Gadgets & Gizmos for Dads, Grads & Grooms

Father's Day is Sunday June 17 so here are a few suggestions for golf gifts for your favorite male golfer.

June has arrived and with it come lots of smiley happy faces, but not necessarily because of good golf.

June 21st gives us an opportunity to practice until 9 p.m. and the National Golf Foundation states that more rounds of golf are registered in June than in any other month.

Father’s Day, graduations and weddings flourish in this sixth month of the year. The weather across New England and the country is as good as it gets and golf courses are lush and wanting wear. Golfing dads and grads and grooms can now celebrate and splurge deeply into that sacred golf budget.

What better way to celebrate June festivities than to satisfy your golf addiction with quality golf paraphernalia? Peruse the tantalizing, tidbits listed below. The savvy golfer may already own some products but the eclectic list may draw interest so click on the links for information and special website prices. These goodies are gimmes!


Topping the list is Tour Edge. For more than 25 years, Tour Edge has developed clubs that offer the latest technology, that are backed by a lifetime warranty, and sold at affordable prices.

With a full production line from drivers, to fairway woods and hybrids, to irons, to wedges, to putters, and to carry and cart bags, Tour Edge is one of golf’s most respected manufacturers.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3

The Hot Launch 3 and Exotics drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids feature variable face thickness for forgiveness on off-center hits and for promoting faster ball speeds. Tour Edge has implemented a 48-hour nationwide delivery guarantee on all custom orders of its Hot Launch 3 and Exotics products at no extra cost to consumers.

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Titleist innovations continue to lead the golf industry. Two new golf balls, Tour Soft and AVX, have joined their celebrated coworkers – ProV1 and ProV1x – and are finding a lot of air time around the golf world. Both offer superior distance and exceptionally soft feel through their newly developed cores and covers.

Titleist 2 Vokey Wedges

Master craftsmen Bob Vokey and Scotty Cameron have expanded their offerings. Bob Vokey, the first and last name in wedges, has evolved his “spin milled” wedges, known for their maximized spin and control, into their seventh generation, the SM7.

Scotty Cameron has refined and re-designed his Newport-style blade for the best players in the world, as well as for the rest of us. The AP3 irons have also been updated and are just what the average golfer wants: precision when you pure them and forgiveness when you don’t.

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Experimenting with new golf balls is always fun and sometimes very worthwhile. Snell Golf has expanded its award-winning golf ball line at an attractive price per dozen with the release of two new entries, MTB Black and MTB Red.

Snell Golf MT Black MT Red

Dean Snell has spent 28 years in R&D for companies like Titleist and TaylorMade and now Dean’s name is on 40 ball patents. Dean is the inventor of the Pro V1, Professional, Penta, and Tour Preferred. His office is in New Bedford, MA, just a few miles from the Acushnet home of Titleist.

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ELIXR is the first ever Tour-quality golf ball created by OnCore Golf, and its advertising campaign on the Golf Channel and other outlets has garnered it
considerable influence.

OnCore ELIXR Golf balls make their debut.

With its 85-compression rating and 318-dimple pattern, ELIXR has a tri-phase constructed technology that allows a combination of distance, spin, control, and feel. So, this may be the tee-time elixir for many of our golf brethren.

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One of the more advanced GPS and performance tracking watches is the Shot Scope V2. The LCD screen displays distances to the FRONT/MIDDLE/BACK of the green from the golfer’s real-time position, and it collects over 100 Tour-level statistics in five areas: clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game, and putting. No manual input or phone use is required.

Shot Scope GPS Watch

The Shot Scope is on many a wrist already for a number of very good reasons.

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Sun Mountain has always been a leader in cart bags, carry bags, stand bags, and push carts and is now the leader in recharging cell phones. Two of its top-selling bags, the C-130 Cart Bag and the 4.5 LS Carry Bag, will now be supercharged with portable power packs that are capable of recharging a mobile phone three times.

Sun Mountain Speed GT Push/Pull Cart

The power pack has two USB ports, one standard and one rapid charging, allowing for multiple devices to be charged at the same time. The development comes at a time when more golfers are interested in streaming content throughout their rounds, whether it’s music, GPS-based yardage apps, or simply internet browser windows to check scores and news updates.

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When grips wear out, many options exist. Lamkin has just added three new grips that need to be considered because of the technology advancements in material development, Micro-Texture surface patterns, and performance enhancing shapes.

Lampkin Hireko Custom Golf Grips

The TSI, SONAR, and Comfort PLUS grips optimize comfort and durability and are designed for a wide range of players. Get a grip on it with Lamkin.

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When grips wear out, many options exist. Zero Friction is best known for its revolutionary one-size Compression Fit Glove and its DistancePro GPS Glove. If you are not familiar with either product, you need to visit the website, and you will be impressed. This year the company is introducing two more unique products. The first is the Spectra line of golf balls, a quality 2-piece distance ball with six matte colors, that guarantee a higher visual appeal for the player.

Zero Friction Supertubes

The Spectra Supertube is the marketing model with three Spectra balls, 10 ZFT Maxx 3-prong tees, and one Universal Compression Fit glove—all color matched. The second is the Cabretta Elite golf glove that comes in seven colors and includes a detachable tee and golf marker. As with all the Zero Friction gloves, the new Cabretta Elite molds with your hand for a guaranteed fit.

The Cabretta leather provides a solid grip in wet or humid weather, and its sensitivity works with smart phone & touch screen devices. The reinforced lycra throughout fingers, back of hand, and palm allow for maximum strength, durability, and enhanced breathability.

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Tec Tec Tec is one of the leading rangefinder vendors online at very affordable prices. Compact and easy to use, the six models all feature ultra-clear, multi-layered optical lenses for visual clarity and 6X magnification and diopter adjustment for accurate yardage readings.

Tec-Tec-Tec Rangefinder

All are tournament legal. The VPPRO500 received Amazon’s bestseller status in 2016 and 2017 and has a MSRP of only $150.

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The ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 2 is a pair of golf shoes that your toes and heel will want to live in. The comfort level is incredible. The shoe’s innovative outsole, called ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip, has three different zones—one for stability, one for durability and another for rotation—and the outsole assists you from backswing to follow through.

Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoes

Other technologies include BIOM NATURAL MOTION, which encourages a more natural walking motion for added power and efficiency, as well as enhancing feeling and stability. Uppers crafted from yak leather help to make this an extremely breathable and hardy shoe, while the GORE-TEX construction ensures it is 100 percent waterproof.

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Have you heard of Slidebelts, the ultra-modern way to keep your pants and shorts up? On the golf course, this good-looking belt should do to the traditional pin/buckle belt what the gutta-percha golf ball did to the featherie—banish it forever.

Slide Belt Classic Black Belt

Slidebelts fit perfectly all the time, regardless of waist size, and give a fashionable, streamlined appearance. The belt’s end slips through the buckle until the belt fits to the golfer’s satisfaction, and then the golfer just takes the hands away for the ratchet buckle to lock in exactly at that spot. Slidebelts permit maximum comfort and minimum adjustment hassle by locking in at every ¼ inch as opposed to the usual one inch. Belts are available with a variety of buckles and colors for both men and women.

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A trailblazer company in optical golf is Popticals. What the company calls “The World’s Most Portable Sports Sunglasses” are finely crafted lenses and frames that are portable because they are transformable and fold down into a very compact shape that fits inside a small, durable case.

Popticles Popgun Polarized Sunglasses

With 11 patents to its name, Popticals depend upon the FL2 Micro-Rail System and the stainless-steel components that allow the lenses to slide in parallel to each other for storage. A powerful magnet guides the pieces in the center of the frames for quick and effortless connection.

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Flight Scope, a global high-tech company and industry leader in the development and manufacturing of sports technology, has developed an affordable and accurate launch monitor for the masses. Mevo, which sells at the retail price of $500, is a compact and easy-to-use device that is perfect for the golfer who wants to analyze his game.

MEVO Launch Monitor by Flight Scope is a one of the breakthrough game improvement products of the year.

It can be used on the driving range, with indoor nets, and even on the course itself. Mevo accurately records the data of the eight essential aspects of the swing: launch speed, club speed, smash factor, carry distance, launch angle, spin rate, apex height, and flight time. Almost unbelievable! Great time to take a flight!

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Happy Father’s Day, many sojourns to the course, and great golf to all in 2018!

As a caddie, greenkeeper, and Ouimet Scholar from Marshfield Country Club on Boston’s South Shore, Leigh developed his love for the game at an early age. The BA from Amherst College and MA from Dartmouth prepared him for his 36-year career in education, most of it teaching Advanced Placement English and coaching varsity golf. In 1986, a sabbatical from teaching students to writing stories for “Golf World” magazine prepared him for his second career in golf journalism. Leigh is a low-handicap golfer who has won the Golf Writers Association of America’s championship seven times. He is currently a member of Southers Marsh Golf Club in Plymouth, MA, and PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, FL.

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