Fordy on Golf: Waukewan Golf Club

Waukewan Golf Club is celebrating its 60th year and has one of the best Wednesday rates for golf all day for $30.

MEREDITH, NEW HAMPSHIRE – One of the greatest things about golf is the transcending nature of the game. On just about any course, whether you are stepping up to the tee, or walking down the fairway, you are taken miles away from your daily life. Anything that routinely causes any level of stress in your world is lifted away like it was struck with a high-lofted wedge.

New Hampshire is probably best known for the many mountain-side courses it has to offer, and this is where you will find the peak of peacefulness on the links. Photo-ops are aplenty with the beautiful White Mountains in the background as they serve as the perfect environment for a relaxing round of golf. As an added bonus, often times you’ll find these courses much less crowded and with better prices than the ones closer to metropolitan areas like Manchester, Nashua, Concord, and Portsmouth. It is well worth the drive north.

Recently, we visited a course in Meredith, NH and found what very well may be the single best deal on golf in the state. It’s called Waukewan Wednesday! You golf all day with a cart for only $30!!!!!

Waukewan Golf Club welcomes players of all skill levels.

Waukewan Golf Club in scenic Meredith has an old country charm to it, as you might expect when you pull in and see the old red barn. This one-time operational farm has been turned into a beautiful golf course that overlooks a portion of the White Mountains. A few minutes later, as I stepped up to the first tee box, I glanced down the fairway and couldn’t help but notice the White Mountains in the background. It was at this moment that the full essence of this course really set in. A zen-like calm came over me, and despite the number of bad shots I may have had the last time I played, I remembered just how much I love golf!

You start with a couple of blind tee shots, and two holes carved through the woods before the course begins to open up. From there you’ll enjoy a round with varying types of holes; wide open, narrow, uphill, downhill, you name it! Hole #18 puts it all together. The finishing hole is an uphill blind tee shot to a reachable par-4, which is guarded by water in the front, and bunkers on three sides of the green. A fun way to end your day!

Our plan was to play two rounds. We were fortunate enough to get our rounds in and an extra nine holes for a total of 45 holes! We played golf, literally, all day long. The course was in great shape, the staff was friendly, and the views were fantastic. You tend to play a little better when you are relaxed and our scorecards reflected that.

The next time you can get away in the middle of the week, grab your clubs and head north. Get off Interstate 93 at exit 23 and drive up past the antique shops, down by the lake and head over the old red barn. It’s sure to be the best $30 you spend all summer!

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