Mario Tama of Getty Images captured this photo on the Big Island of Hawaii last week.

NASHUA, N.H. – Who would argue that golfers are a strange breed?

We come from all walks of life. We are eclectic in our fashion. We exhibit sportsmanship not seen in many other places, and we are truly devoted to our sport.

Golfers will endure nearly anything if they are given a chance to tee it up somewhere. And nowhere was this more evident than on the Big Island of Hawaii in the shadow of Mount Kilauea this past week.

Amidst the backdrop of lava flow and fires, a group of golfers did not let an impending disaster stop them from playing their round. With a towering ash plume in the background, these brave men stayed determined to finish the back nine, much in the spirit of Bishop Pickering that fateful afternoon at Bushwood Country Club. (R.I.P. Bishop)

CADDYSHACK scene with Bishop and caddy Bill Murray hoping “the heavy stuff is coming later.”.

I once earned my badge of honor by teeing off after a public curfew due to a hurricane. In 2012 Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the northeastern coast, and my friend and I decided we were going to play as many holes as we could. No scores, just survival.

Each tee shot into the gusting winds was a true adventure, as the ball was at the mercy of the 45-mph-plus winds. We were only able to make it through five holes before we had to get off the course. The weather was getting worse, and it was time to leave.

Mario Tama of Getty Images caught this awesome photo in Hawaii. Do you own a memorable golf photo battling Mother Nature?

It’s fun to golf and brave the extreme weather elements golf, but it is vitally important to have a healthy respect for the power of mother nature. Have some fun, but just don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

Along with playing in pouring rain, in 100-degree heat, and in the snow, I can say that I played golf in a hurricane. Not many can stake that claim. Just like the men in these photos captured by Mario Tama/Getty Images. Not many can say they golfed during a volcanic eruption nearby but these men can, and they have these amazing photos to prove it.

If you ever find yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play in extreme elements or environments, don’t miss out and be sure to take advantage of the unique photo opportunities while you’re there.

It’s a golf and life experience you’ll never forget!

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