Club Car Launches “Tempo Walk” Hands-Free Caddie

Tempo Walk is the latest product manufactured by Club Car, which features a hands-free, autonomous caddie that offers GPS yardage, carries bags, coolers, and other accessories.

Because they’ve been around for 60 years, Club Car is one of the most recognizable and respected companies in the golf cart industry. In fact, in the 1960s Club Car made driving around a golf course a little bit easier by producing the first golf car with a steering wheel.

So, it’s no surprise they have launched a new product called Tempo Walk that is earning significant market share and popularity.

Tempo Walk is a hands-free autonomous golf caddie unit that provides golfers with the enjoyment of walking the course, featuring state-of-the-art wireless technology including GPS yardage and hands-free remote control to maneuver easily around the course.

“Tempo Walk is the perfect blend of tradition and technology, bringing a new golf experience to the course; one that will excite golfers and provide a fun, healthy experience for 18 holes,” said Mark Wagner, president of Club Car. “The Tempo Walk further underscores our commitment to move the game of golf forward, particularly for the thousands of golf courses that attract a significant number of health-conscious walkers and are looking to generate a new revenue stream for their operation.”

The product is constructed with a durable aluminum frame and contains a lithium ion battery which holds a 36-hole charge. Tempo Walk moves up to 7 mph and weighs 95 pounds. Additional technology features include a USB port and touchscreen tablet with GPS yardage. Traditional golf car offerings – a cup holder, cooler, divot repair and sand bottle, are also included. With a compact frame size, four Tempo Walk golf caddies can fit into the space of one golf car, another benefit for course operators.

Tempo Walk is a new product that is starting to be rolled out at golf courses throughout the United States for golfers who prefer to walk but with all the amenities of a motorized golf cart.

“The Club Car Tempo Walk is a win-win. Golfers who enjoy walking the course get a caddie-like experience, and course operators get a fresh, functional and environmentally friendly cart option to offer customers,” said Susan Casagranda, the president of Torrey Pines Club Corp, one of the first courses to use Tempo Walk. “The Tempo Walk has resonated well with our golfers, and has given them a fun way to enjoy a round of golf.”

The Tempo Walk is slightly larger than most motorized walking carts because it is able to provide reliable stability and traction for any surface. As more young players shun golf cars in favor of walking the golf course — and as more resorts, in particular, do away with carts — the Tempo Walk can be a viable options for players and course operators.

Tempo Walk complements Club Car’s Tempo Connect, the first golf car that includes both Visage Fleet Management, a connectivity platform for golf operators to simplify operations, control costs and maximize course efficiencies, and Shark Experience, the premier in-car course entertainment system exclusive to Club Car.

Caddies and golf carts will always have a place in the game.

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