ORLANDO, Florida – Often golfers will choose clubs of different brands creating a mixed bag of multiple manufacturers and due to their performance, many players have found Callaway Rogue ST fairway woods a good fit for their games.

Callaway Rogue ST Fairway Woods

  • Heel & toe internal Jailbreak weighting
  • Tungsten sole weight
  • A.I. designed maraging steel cup face
  • ROGUE ST MAX – Game-improvement category; Lofts: 3-wood through 11-wood
  • ROGUE ST MAX D – Super game-improvement category; Upright lie, closed face, draw bias; Added heel weight; Lofts: 3-woods through 7-wood
  • ROGUE ST LS – Better-player category; Smaller head; 5-gram sole weight screw; Lofts: 3+-wood through 5-wood
  • Stock shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei AV
  • Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Price: $350

WYNTK: Callaway Rogue ST Fairway Woods

Callaway Golf has introduced new Rogue ST Fairway Woods promising “10 yards longer” using patented Jailbreak technology including higher ball speeds. (Photo Credit: Callaway Golf)

Callaway is stressing the features which are part of the updating the Epic Speed/ Epic Max fairway woods from 2021 were meant to produce more distance for players with a range of skill levels. Testing reports from the company show that across the board the new models are as much as 10 yards longer presumably due to both the A.I. (artificial intelligence) designed face cup as well as the new configuration of head weighting.

This new head weighting is comprised of both a large tungsten sole weight (27-grams in ST Max and Max D, 28-grams in the LS) located forward just behind the face plus internal weights, so-called “batwings,” flanking the face.

In the LS or Low Spin model for those with higher swing speeds there is an extra sole weight screw to reduce ball spin and produce a lower launch angle which are preferred by that category of players.

The most dramatic, albeit unseen new feature, is the reworking for the Jailbreak weighting in last year’s Epic Speed fairway woods that made use of two vertical titanium rods behind the face. In the Rogue ST the rods are gone but two weights, one towards the toe and one the heel vaguely reminiscent of batwings have been added.

Callaway says they provide additional stiffness which means the face will have more rebound after impact with the ball thereby creating more ball speed and distance. Also, for the first time for Callaway these fairways, like the driver of the Rogue ST family, have a tungsten sole weight (Tungsten Speed Cartridge) just behind the face that adjusts the center of gravity forward to help with a more penetrating ball flight.

On the web: CallawayGolf.com

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