Breakthrough Golf Technology Introduces the Stability Shaft

Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf in 1988 which was later sold to TaylorMade Golf in 2012 , recently focused on putter shafts since there had been no significant innovation for decades, and after years of research and development Stability Shaft was developed.

NASHUA, New Hampshire – Do you know what the strongest part of your game is? Is it driving, the iron-game or are you best around the green?

If you play a lot, then you certainly know your weakness, or in some cases weakness’.

Is it when you have finally traversed the first 350-yards and found your way to the green that your doubts begin to creep in? We have all been the victim of the dreaded 3-putt that turns birdies into bogies, but if putting is truly your Achilles heel, then I have great news to share.

In fact, what I am about to share with you is something so unique, so technologically sound and advanced, that it can help any golfer, at any level, improve their game.

Breakthrough Golf Technology is a Texas-based company started by Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf and creator of the Tight Lies fairway wood. Much like his revolutionary advancements made over 20 years ago, his new innovation is destined to impact the world of golf for the foreseeable future. The BGT Stability Shaft has been very well-received by the golf community so far and is currently being used on the PGA, LPGA, and tours. More and more golfers are turning to the Stability Shaft for their putters, are here’s why.

Made using high-modulus carbon fiber, a 7075 aluminum connector, and a low-density 22 gram aluminum insert, the Stability Shaft reduces the variances in every golfer’s putting. Through endless research and development, followed by years of precise testing and analytics, BGT has been able to identify the most common issues in putting. The Stability Shaft is 25% more stiff than a standard shaft, reducing torque by nearly 50% and therefore limiting unwanted movement, leading to a more squared club face at impact.

Once you have used the Stability Shaft, it is easy to see why so many tour pros are beginning to switch to it. When my putter came back in the mail, freshly re-shafted, I could not wait to try it out and see if it really did make that much of a difference. With all of the time and effort, robotic testing, high-speed cameras, thousands of dollars spent, and countless man hours that BGT had invested into this new project, I had lofty expectations.

We use a putter 2x as much as other clubs so Barney Adams whose been in the golf business for 40 years
and seen millions of dollars invested in golf equipment design, invested in the one product that stands unchanged and unengineered – the putter shaft.

By the time I had rolled a few dozen putts, I could tell that Barney Adams had indeed done it again. You can instantly feel the difference while putting. You feel more in control of your putt. With the multiple variables in a standard shaft taken out of the equation, your game on the green is almost guaranteed to improve.

Consider how often you use your putter, and it becomes a no-brainer to try to get the most out of that club. No other product on the market can enhance your putter like the BGT Stability Shaft, which happens to be compatible to any and all putters.

Take my advice and try this break-through new product. The BGT Stability Shaft is something special and will help you shave stokes off your score. Stability helped me make more putts and reduced 3-putts with better distance control.

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